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I Tested A Natural Foundation – And Surprise, It Wasn’t All That Bad

Natural and organic products that are fragrance and preservative free can only be good for your skin, but what happens when makeup comes into the picture? Is it a marvel or a melt fest?

Unlike natural or organic skincare that everyone just cannot get enough of, natural makeup has a bad reputation that doesn’t seem to go away. Perceptions of it include things like being excessively expensive, expires really quickly and the generable questionable effectiveness of it. If it’s that good, why doesn’t everybody into it, right?

Since Earth Day is in exactly two moons from now, I decided to put one of the few natural and organic foundations available locally and a highlighter for good measure to the test, just to see if natural makeup products can be as good as the regular favourites, in a potential bid to go green without compromising on good makeup.

RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover Up Concealer + Foundation was something I was psyched to try because it’s not your ordinary liquid foundation. It promises to be that, but also as a spot concealer on days that you feel like cutting back on coverage, hence the name.

The “Un” Cover Up sits in a small, flat tub in solid form, but liquifies immediately upon contact. Dipping my fingers in seemed a bit difficult and messy, so I tried it on with a brush. Because it has more of an oil-like consistency, the formula really MELTS into the skin, erasing all the pores on my nose even without a primer. So far, so good.

The texture, however, did make for slightly difficult blending. Streaking is inevitable, so I highly recommend using your fingers for blending, nature’s makeup tools. It may not be an intense coverage concealer, but it is buildable and hardly cakey, if at all. As for its staying power, this unfortunately is not made for long hours and may begin to move quite a bit with sweat and oil, even with setting powder.

The next on my plate is the Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer on the cheekbones, eyes, cupid’s bow and nose, which I wore over the “Un” Cover Up. As someone who loves her highlighters somewhere between “disco” and “blinding”, this is a vastly different type of illuminator that gives a natural and glowy look. The formula is filled with many different oils, which help to reflect sunlight off the skin and deliver moisture. Very clever.

But, because of the ingredients, powdering your face after the highlight is equivalent to removing the product entirely, rendering it al to moot. The dilemma here lies with whether I want to have a glow or have it melt off during the course of the day. Hmm. This may not bode well for those with oily skin or our local weather.

Also, while it is completely organic and natural, it contains coconut oil, a highly comedogenic i.e. pore-clogging compound that should be taken into account if your skin is prone to acne. BUT, the rose quartz in it is still quite pretty and goes on really well for the lips and cupid’s bow – areas that don’t clog as easily as the skin around your cheeks – and is great for no-makeup makeup days where natural radiance and glow is key.

The overall conclusion? I would say these two did pretty well and my inner vegan – outer vegan? – would want to use them again. Not just because they’re good for the environment and that they’ll work well on light makeup days, but because they’re actually good for the skin. No fragrances, no preservatives, no break outs and no allergic reactions. It is all about what compromises you’re willing to make.

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