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From Sensual To Sweet: 7 Fragrances To Get You In The Mood For Romance

Give in to your romantic side with our round-up of the season's new alluring fragrances, one for each romance personality.

The sense of smell is proven to be the most powerful in triggering memories and by extension, emotions. These memories can be real or imagined, because we’re all entitled to a bit of fantasy. With February being one of the most emotionally-charged months of the year, it seemed appropriate to turn our beauty lenses to pleasures of the olfactory kind. Even more so with the season’s new fragrance releases playing right into the hands of Lady Romance, from Gucci’s brand new Guilty Absolute to Miu Miu’s playful L’Eau Rosee.

For every romance personality, there is a luxurious fragrance to encapsulate it. If you haven’t found your new fragrance for the year, give in to your romantic side with any one of the juices in our edit below, each matched to a romance personality, whether you’re passionate, wild or downright seductive.


Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme

With a name like “Guilty” and the tagline “#GuiltyNotGuilty”, Gucci’s newest fragrance was made for our list. It is the perfect blend of deep-scented florals, citrus and woods. You have bulgarian rose, bergamot and patchouli, already a stunning combination, mixed in with sparkling blackberry, spicy pink pepper, warm amber and a rarely heard of goldenwood. It’s sweet, sexy, sensual, refreshing and unexpected all at once – the makings of a passionate romance.


Dior J’Adore L’Or Essence De Parfum

You’re part of the couple that likes to keep things old school when it comes to romance – wine, roses, late-night drives, candlelight dinners, the works. The new L’Or is possibly the most sensual of the J’Adore collection, with soothing jasmine and tuberose combining with May rose that reveals kicks of spice and crowd-pleasing vanilla. The classics, but with a little something extra.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 54

Created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of crystal-maker Baccarat, this seemingly simple fragrance is a powerful blend of ambergris, jasmine, saffron and cedar wood, toying with the senses as it moves between floral and woody. Some might call it a tease.


Maison Margiela Replica Wicked Love

Labelled with the polarising words “gun metal” and “roses”, you can hardly expect Wicked Love’s brand of romance to be vanilla. It opens to a sparkling mix of green pepper accord, basil and hyacinth, before drawing your senses in with enveloping Egyptian jasmine, centifolia rose and vetiver. No vanilla here.


Miu Miu L’Eau Rosee

Contrary to its name and appearance, Miu Miu’s brand new fragrance doesn’t have any rose in it. Instead, you have a blend of cassis, bergamot and the brand’s signature akigalawood. Finally, all that ultra-freshness wraps up with musk for extra character. You think of the first days of spring, like the beginning of romance and young love, young being an arbitrary concept, of course.


Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

One can always trust Tom Ford to put forth a truly seductive fragrance. Vanille Fatale is as its name suggests – naughty and nice. It lures you in with spicy saffron, coriander and roasted coffee, then keeps you coming back for more with a finish of florals, vanilla and suede.


Woman In Gold By Kilian

Perhaps the most indie yet ironically most luxurious of the lot, Woman In Gold makes you think of the perfect plucked-out-of-a-film date. The kind where you’re sipping golden champagne one minute and flying off on a private jet to Rome in another. He’s in a tux, you’re in a silk dress. This one has the perfect blend of floral and woody: you get sweetness in the rose heart and vanilla, and woodiness and citrus in the akigalawood and patchouli.

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