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What Happened When I Decided To Quit Fancy Skincare For A Week

No serums, no creams and no makeup was all it took for my taunting zit to disappear. Just water, faith, trust and maybe pixie dust.

It’s always put this, put that and your skin will be glowing like you’ve never imagined. My skin wasn’t bad to begin with, but I had all these products that promised me better. As someone with skin as dry as a bone, I was always seeking out products that had glycerin or oils in them. Layer over layer, I incorporated more products into my daily routine, only to realise that my skin has never been worse in months. Plus, there was a large red zit that set up tent in the middle of my face for two whole weeks.

I recalled reading a post about something called the Caveman Routine, something that Alexa Chung practices. Basically, put a halt to everything – skincare, makeup, cleansers – and just let your skin do it’s thang. It’s odd, but sort of makes sense since our skin is an organ in itself. Besides, since I am massively lazy and also the type that would rather starve than get out of bed at 2 p.m., skipping skincare for good skin sounds like actual heaven.

Prior to this, my routine was extensive. I wore a lot of makeup, so I made sure to triple cleanse everyday using an oil-based cleanser, facial cleanser and micellar water. For skincare, I used Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Innisfree White Tone Up Eye Serum, Allies of Skin Promise Keeper Blemish Facial, The Body Shop Drops Of Youth ConcentrateCaudalié Overnight Recovery Oil and Dior Fresh Hydration Sorbet Cream. Despite all this, – coupled with the fact that I had just came back from Hong Kong’s winter air – my face was beyond dry and it felt like my skin was shrinking to the point where it felt like it was too small for my skull.

So for a week, I decided to quit makeup and all that skincare jazz. I started to notice that my skin naturally produced more oil – which meant hydrated skin, hooray! – and the persistent zit stopped being so angry and decided to finally pop. I would’ve kept it going, but the effects didn’t last after the eighth day. Tiny pimples were back and I could feel my skin screaming for a mask.

In the days that followed, I slowly added the products I loved back into my routine. By trial and error, I rekindled the love I had for Allies of Skin when I first started using it. Now, I only use the two serums and that, proving that less is indeed more. The creator did say that he made it because routines were too cumbersome. Try it at your own risk, however, especially if you have oily skin. If a week’s too long, one or two days might work, too. Sometimes, you just have to let your body do its – pardon the repetition – thang.

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