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Conversations: Olivia Culpo On Skin Tricks, Balance & Moving On To Big Things

The former Miss Universe is actress, restaurateur and It girl in one with two million followers to boot – and she's only just getting started.

She may have shot to international fame by taking home the winning crown at Miss Universe 2012, but unlike many of her predecessors who seem to have faded into oblivion, former beauty queen and current all-around It girl Olivia Culpo has no plans about leaving things as they are.

For one, she has established an incredible presence on Instagram with over 2.2 million followers, many of whom ask her about, well, just about anything on the daily, from those eyebrows (brow gel, people) to her truly insane set of abs. She is also moving towards the fashion sphere by slowly but surely becoming a regular at fashion month, but perhaps most notably, Culpo is taking steps toward the big screen with three movies in the pipeline, including one with Bruce Willis and another with Amy Schumer. To top all of that off, she just opened a restaurant!

No doubt a skincare and makeup maven – if you haven’t seen her headline-making Golden Globes look from last year, do yourself a favour and Google it, like, right now – Culpo recently landed on our shores to help Skin Inc launch their new Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask at Sephora. I met with her at the crack of dawn – well, my crack of dawn at 9 a.m. – to talk about a bevy of things, but yes, beauty being the most important of them all.


On How She Takes Care of Her Skin (And Beauty Tricks!):

“The use of LED light technology is definitely my biggest beauty trick. I feel that people are still starting to learn about it, like how red light helps with building collagen, yellow brightens the skin and blue cleans and gets rid of zits. I discovered Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light about two years ago and while I had a lot of products that had the LED light technology, none of them were portable, battery-operated or small enough to travel with. This one [by Skin Inc] is really good and allows you to maximise luggage space. Hyaluronic acid is also really good for me, because it will moisturise the skin without irritating it. As for glowing skin, it is all about exfoliation and Skin Inc’s Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask is really good for that because it peels away dead skin to reveal healthy, glowing skin – especially during the dry months of the winter when I’m in the East Coast of the U.S. Additionally, I’d say a bit of that red LED light, too, because it simulates collagen.”


On Feeling Good Inside and Looking Good Outside (And How She Maintains Those Killer Abs):

“Sleep is really important. That’s probably something that I’m lacking right now. On those kinds of days, definitely stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and try to avoid caffeine even though you may be very tired, because it can dry out your skin. I also do believe that working out is very important. Since I started working out at a pretty young age – I started going to the gym when I was about 15 – I would say that muscle memory is important and with that, I find that it is easier to bounce back [into a workout] whether you’ve been travelling or if it is after the holidays and you’re eating a little bit more. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but just keep building on it. That consistency really does help. I love pilates, barre, the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines and Tammy Hembrow’s fitness programmes. When you’re travelling, those apps on your phone are really helpful. Even if you’re not following it religiously, you have that option of using it.”


On How She Always Looks So Put Together:

“It’s all about balance. For example, I would have put a red lip with this look [Olivia’s wearing a white suit and a black camisole] but I ran out of time. [Laughs] If you’re in classic colours like black and white, you may want to add a red lip or a cat-eye. If you’re doing a red lip, you don’t want to do a super strong cat-eye. Maybe a red lip, no mascara and clean skin. If you’re going for a tomboy look or an athleisure look, you’re not going to have a full face of makeup. It’s about creating a story and the fun part is that there really are no rules.”


On The Idea of Beauty:

“Beauty comes down to the things outside of the way you appear. It’s about loving who you are, knowing who you are and being okay with that. The more you try to be who you are instead of somebody else, the more beautiful you are. I look up to so many women; there’s something that I take away from each of them. I think everyone has something so special. Off the top of my head, I admire Blake Lively. She’s funny and she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she seems real and honest. Oprah Winfrey – she’s so beautiful and she makes everyone realise how similar we all are. Ellen DeGeneres, because she gives back so much and she’s somebody who inspires women to be unapologetically who they are.”


On Possibly Going On YouTube:

“I would call [my channel] Life With Olivia, maybe? As for my first video, I bet my followers would say my go-to skincare routine; what I use for makeup or skincare. I do have a website, so that’s me dipping my toe into a different area and something I’m really focusing on right now. Eventually, I would love to have another platform.”


On Being In The Public Eye:

“There’s definitely a lot more that you have to consider when there are so many people watching you. Everyone has an opinion, but you also want to be a good role model and example to people. There’s absolutely much more pressure and there’s a responsibility to be accountable for the way that I act.”


On Her Next Big Project:

“I have a movie called American Satan that is about to go global – so you guys will have it here! I also have another one with Bruce Willis called Reprisal and one with Amy Schumer called I Feel Pretty that will both be coming out this year. There are a lot of things in fashion, too – fashion weeks will be coming up soon so I will be going to the different cities – and something else on television that I can’t say yet. I have a restaurant that I just opened in Rhode Island with my family and it’s doing really well. Hopefully, there will be more things like that in the future because I do love the entertainment and food space. I also have a really big announcement, but I can’t say anything about that yet. On a personal level, I finally finished furnishing my apartment which will be on my website if anyone is interested in interior design!”


And Finally, Her Favourite Quote:

“God’s rejection is his protection.”


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