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These Were The Best Runway Beauty Looks In Paris

From exaggerated bouffants to actual gold flakes on the lids. Oh Paris, you never disappoint. Plus, five ways to recreate five of our favourite looks, right this way.

Paris Fashion Week’s beauty game has always been top-notch, with designers going the extra mile, executing looks that are a far cry from the natural no-makeup makeup looks. Just from Paris alone, there’ll be no shortage of inspiration for the coming months leading up to the next season. (Though Milan served up quite the lion’s share of impressive looks as well.)

From the most fabulously poofy hair from Sonia Rykel to gold leaves on the lids, fall makeup looks do not necessarily entail brown eyeshadow and burgundy lips. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but we’re always game for something more. Something wild. Whether you choose to rock the trend of upside-down eyeliners, ombré matte lips or coloured mascara, we’ve picked five that are easy enough to recreate without the skills of maestros like Pat McGrath or Hung Vanngo.

Alexander McQueen

Braids are very underrated and are actually a whole entirely different look from a ponytail. This sleek and super long one by McQueen has got a bad*ss vibe to it, combed and held into place by a glossy hair gel.


This is probably one of our favourites ways to wear bronzer. Just a bit on the high points of your cheekbones and temples can give a contouring effect that elongates the eyes. See that subtle gold glitter? We’re living for that.

Elie Saab

The upside-down eyeliner has always been a bold and strong look that some may be afraid to try. Elie Saab takes that trend and turns it into something sophisticated, with the simple use of an electric blue eyeliner drawn as a very thin line.

Miu Miu

Although the bouffant takes centre stage in this look, the ultra glossy lips are just one of the many reasons why lip gloss should be worn more often.

Maison Margiela 

A single matte lip colour is just not enough for makeup lovers everywhere. Instead, layer a darker shade on the inner corner for ombré lips that would steal the attention away from an eyeliner smudge.

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