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Oh My God – Pat McGrath’s Beauty Kits Are Finally Online

Given the legendary makeup artist's track record, these will be the most intense metallics you'll *ever* see. Get those fingers moving, ASAP.

When Pat McGrath releases her beauty collection in full force, you just have to pay attention. After all, this is the woman who created some of the greatest and most memorable runway makeup looks in the recent decades, whether it is Prada’s unforgettable gold lips from Spring ’16 or Galliano-era Dior. McGrath doesn’t even need actual makeup to kill it in the beauty field. Think the lace, pearl and crystal masks she created for Givenchy in Fall ’15 and Spring ’16. Basically, this woman is a genius, complete with a spot on Queen Elizabeth’s Honour List in tow. Yeah, McGrath has that “MBE” thing next to her name. How is that for street cred. Not that she needs it, really.

The legendary Brit has been helping fashion houses create their own makeup lines for years, but it wasn’t until those sensational Prada lips from Spring ’16 that things got serious. She released Gold 001 – a gold eyeshadow pigment and mixing liquid – in 2015, but even those were extremely limited and hard to get. Not getting tickets to Hamilton hard, but still pretty hard. Fast forward two years and Pat McGrath Labs is finally available to us mere mortals, all ready for you to add to cart.

Now, we’re talking about one of the most influential makeup artists of all time, so don’t expect the regular stuff. Take the Dark Star 006 Kit which she used to create Versace’s Fall ’17, for instance, comprising four eyeshadows and a clear gloss that melts the pigments for that dewy lid look. There’s also the Lust 004 Everything Kit that has everything you need to recreate McGrath’s iconic metallic lips, though there are also six matte lipsticks for more low-key days. If you must have classic McGrath, go for gold. As in Metalmorphosis 005 Kit in Gold that includes the shiniest gold eyeshadow we’ve ever seen. This thing is intensely pigmented. It’s an eyeshadow, but we suspect that you can easily use it as a highlighter or a lip pigment. We picked the most talk-worthy kits below, but you can see the rest of the collection available online here. Run, people, run!

Dark Star 006 Kit in Ultrasuede Brown

Lust 004 Everything Kit

Metalmorphosis 005 Kit in Bronze

Metalmorphosis 005 Kit in Gold

Skin Fetish 003 Kit in Golden

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