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Everyone Has A Pimple Remedy, So We Asked 12 Women About Theirs

Vitamin C, clay masks, willow bark extract, a whole bunch of pimple patches, going sugar-free and so much more. What is YOUR remedy?

The whole idea for this story started one random day several months ago at fashion week. While walking away from a show venue to get a cab, Yoyo suddenly turned to me and asked, “What do you do when you get a pimple?” I told her I have a remedy that I have been using since I was a teenager. She then said something that I’ve come to realise is very true, “It’s funny, everyone has their own way of dealing with pimples. And, they all swear by it.”

You see, pimples are a personal thing. Unlike dry skin or fine lines, pimples are something you grow up with. You battled with them as a teenager, you still have to deal with them from time to time as an adult. It becomes one of those things where everyone has their own time-tested solution to it, one that they have been “using for years”. Like dealing with period cramps. Or flatulence.

While there are some who are blessed with literal zit-free skin, not all of us are that lucky. Some get the occasional Red Mountain of Doom when that time of the month rolls around, others from taking too much fried chicken and chocolate. Some deal with it far more often. Extra information is always helpful when there is a crisis.

To help you formulate your own remedy if you don’t have one the works yet – and just to see exactly how varied pimple remedies can be, everyone’s so different – we asked 12 women we know about their first line of defence when they feel that a zit is on the horizon. Because dealing with pimples and acne is a process that goes beyond the physical and into the mental and emotional, we added a bit of that as well.

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