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These Jelly-Like, Multitasking Eye Patches Tick All The Right Boxes

They're super soft and cooling, steeped in hyaluronic acid, properly effective AND create less waste than most eye masks we've seen. Need we go on?

Welcome to KULALA Beauty Club, where YOU our dear readers help us suss out the best in the beautysphere. This week, we brought back Alverina (@aloebella) to review Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. Read her last review here.

I’ve heard many rave reviews about Peter Thomas Roth’s products, but I’ve never really gone round to trying them for myself. This is my first time, and I was really excited to see if it would live up to it’s reputation.

When it comes to masks, I especially love gel types because it will never dry out your skin even if you accidentally leave them on for too long. For the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, I leave them on for an average of 20 to 30 minutes, then drag them down to the smile lines to really make full use of the good stuff.

The patches also contain soothing marshmallow root extract and softening silk proteins that hydrate and plumps up any wrinkles and dry skin. That’s really important especially around the eye area, and it also helps with puffiness. If you’ve been up all night and need a quick fix, these eye patches are really easy, handy and effective. Tired? Not at all.

I highly recommend these patches to anyone, really, because it really helps with any tired, sallow skin. Whether it’s a late night out or a movie marathon, this will ensure that you wake up in the morning with fresh eyes. Quite literally. Plus, it’s got extra plus points from me because I’m not ripping into a new packaging with each use. Less waste!

Thanks, Alverina! Want to join the KULALA Beauty Club? Head on over here to see how you can be a part of it. For more beauty reviews like this, click over here for our “Best of Beauty” series. All photos here were taken by Alverina. 

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