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Are Pimple Stickers Any Good?

An overnight pimple treatment? We want in. We put three tiers of pimple stickers to the test and find out the pros and cons of each tier.

Team Kulala is always on the look out for the best pimple remedies because let’s face it, us girls battle pimples more often than we’d like to. No thanks to stress, hormonal changes, monthly periods and caking our face with makeup on the reg’.

Though it has been around for a while, we’ve recently dabbled in pimple stickers. What are pimple stickers? Think of it as a bandaid but specifically for your pimples. These stickers are hydrocolloid dressings that absorb the fluid out of pimples, shield them from bacteria and prevent picking.

We all know that picking our pimples increases inflammation and the chances of scarring as well as impede the healing process. If you’re a compulsive skin pickers like me, you’ll be glad to know that you can finally kick your bad habit to the curb. When your fingers inevitably reach for the offending volcano on your face, they come in contact with a cool plastic film instead and you will have no choice but to leave it alone.

Pimple stickers are typically small, circular and skin-coloured patches that you can use discreetly. If subtlety is not your strongest suit, there are brands that come up with patches in various shapes and designs. The most popular one on the market right now would be the bright yellow star-shaped patches from Starface and they are a reminder that stickers are supposed to be fun after all!

The best thing about pimple stickers is that they are really easy to use. After cleansing your face, gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Remove a sticker from the sheet in a sterile pouch and place it on your blemish. It’s that easy! When your originally clear patch turns white, it means that all the oily secretion and excess fluids have been absorbed.

You can peel the sticker off after a couple of hours or even after getting your beauty sleep. The skin where the zit once was should be flatter and less red. If you will be putting on makeup, make sure to put the pimple sticker after cleansing and before applying any makeup products. Since pimple stickers are usually made of waterproof material, you can leave it on in the shower.

Are you sold on pimple stickers yet? Well, before you decide on which pimple sticker to get, let’s talk about the three tiers available.

1. The Heavy Duty Patch

The first tier would be the heavy duty and most clinical of the lot. Looking to battle the Red Mountain of Doom? This type of pimple sticker will rise to the occasion. It is, however, super thick and visible, so perhaps you would prefer to use it when you don’t plan on leaving the house. It comes off easily when you rub your face though, so we won’t recommend that you wear it to sleep, especially if you tend to toss and turn. For pimple stickers of the first tier, shop the 3M Nexcare Acne Patch here and get it in different shapes here.

2. Like The First, But Slightly Thinner Patch

The pimple stickers from the next tier are merely thinner versions of the first. It is not super invisible, since there is a slight yellow tinge to the patches. You can wear them to bed without having to worry about them dropping out. While the Oxy Antibacterial Patch appears to be the favourite among users, we recommend getting the 3M Nexcare Acne Patch Thinner instead since it does a visibly better job absorbing the excess fluid by turning white faster. Shop 3M Nexcare Acne Patch Thinner here and Oxy Antibacterial Patch here.

3. The Film-like Patch

For the last tier, you will find a film-like sticker. It’s extremely sticky and transparent, so you can wear it in public without drawing much attention to the blemish. Dr. Wonder Acne Spot Removal is a cult-favourite from this tier, but is slightly pricey. So if you’re trying to save some kaching, you may try CosRX Acne Pimple Master Pad instead. Shop CosRX Acne Pimple Master Pad here and Dr. Wonder Acne Spot Removal here.

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