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The Gel Moisturiser That Quenches But Feels Like Nothing On The Skin

Also, it unexpectedly works incredibly as a primer. Our reader Gladys even took it to a music festival in this mad humidity for extra measure.

Welcome to KULALA Beauty Club, where YOU our dear readers help us suss out the best in the beautysphere. This week, we have Gladys Neo (@theegladys) and her review of Pixi’s H2O Skindrink Pure Hydration Gel. Gladys is your average university student cum beauty enthusiasts who is constantly buried in assignments, beauty wish lists and online shopping carts. Read her last review here

Skincare is equally or – if I dare say – more important than make-up for you to look your best. A major part of that is keeping your skin hydrated so that you can achieve that glow and radiance which speaks of health and youth.

When I returned to Singapore after half a year in Europe, with the strong sun and all the travelling done, let’s just say my skin has seen better days. I came home to the Pixi H2O Skindrink Pure Hydration Gel and boy was I excited to try something new that could possibly give my skin the moisture it needs.

On the packaging, it is said to be an intense moisture gel that rehydrates dry skin for a smooth revitalised complexion. It’s a thirsty skin relief for all skin types and is to be used in the AM daily.

The first impression I got from this gel was that its consistency reminded me of a gel primer when it first came out of the pump. So, as per the directions, I applied a thin layer onto cleansed skin before putting on my make-up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it felt really cooling and lightweight on the skin unlike what I was expecting which was a slightly thicker and heavier since it stated intense moisture. Instead, my skin absorbed it quickly and was left feeling velvety after. I love a good moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. The humidity in Singapore does that enough already.

I then brought this baby out on a trip to a music festival to see if it helps my make up to stay longer because of its primer-like look and usage direction. My verdict? I felt that it did help my base makeup stay longer despite a night of dancing. I would attribute it to the fact that a well hydrated face allows for foundation to adhere better and have lesser sebum produced that would have melted my hard work away. The silica content also plays a part. So despite it not explicitly claiming to be a primer, it has all it the ingredients of one. Kudos to Pixi, you’re here to stay!

Thanks, Gladys! Want to join the KULALA Beauty Club? Head on over here to see how you can be a part of it. For more beauty reviews like this, click over here for our “Best of Beauty” series. All photos here were taken by Gladys.

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