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The Best Beauty Looks To Recreate At Milan Fashion Week

Punk is not dead, sparkling eyebrows, and eighties drag hair is back? Whichever catches your eye, you can try recreating them IRL for extra cool-girl points.

Taking a break from the amazing shows in Milan Fashion Week, we’re zooming in on the beauty that has been happening on the runway. Fashion aside, we’re now all about beauty. From the grungiest smudged eyeliners to extra long braids, we’re living for this eclectic mix of beauty trends.

There doesn’t seem to be one individual source of inspiration, but we are seeing a big throwback and nod towards the eighties and nineties. We have Moschino paying homage to The Price Is Right and disco dancing with matte blue eyeshadows and big, big hair. And we also have Jil Sanders and Marni bringing about the resurrection of gunge-punk eye makeup. For the eyebrow game (or lack thereof), we have Giorgio Armani coming in strong with extra glittery brows for the inner queen bee in us, and yet we also have Prada juxtaposing the need for brows by concealing them.

It’s all a great big mix of beauty trends and we’re so excited to see what’s to come. It’s like a breath of crazy weird fresh air we never knew we needed. A beauty palette cleanser.

For The Thickest Liners

The just-rolled-out-of-bed look is coming back with a vengeance, and this time bringing along her punk counterpart. Nothing screams cool more than looking like you really couldn’t be bothered to try, and that’s simply just smudged eyeliner and messy, messy hair. Think thick, smudgy grunge eyeliner and a messy bun with a million flyaways. The main rule to recreating the Jil Sander look is to pile on your darkest and baddest eyeliner and smudge them. Real hard. Once satisfied, add the tiniest bit of wing at the end and pop on a nude glossy lip. Your cool-girl look is now complete.

For The Eighties Throwback

The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven. Inspired by the eighties and everyone’s favourite The Price Is Right, models on the Moschino catwalk were spotted with hair higher than their stilettos, and extreme bright blue eyeshadow that went from lash line to brow bone. We can’t stop thinking about disco dancing, neon lights, and big curly hair. Sweeping a single blue shadow all over your lid with a simple liner is enough if you want to pay tribute to the runway looks. As an extra step, get your curling iron hot and teasing comb ready for double duty action.

For The Sparkling Eyebrows

Glitter brows could be the next biggest thing. Or at least according to Armani’s runway makeup. It’s not something new, but it’s making a comeback again and with better reason this time. When paired with an all-around nude look on your face, a pair of sparkling brows can really help give your makeup a little fun and life. It looks cute, you get to match you lip gloss shimmers to your brows, and you won’t need to overhaul your makeup arsenal to achieve this look. A single swipe of a clear glitter liner over your brows and viola! You’re done.

For The Eyebrows (Or Lack Thereof) 

You might think a flawless no-makeup makeup with braids look isn’t enough to turn heads, but complete it with bleached brows and you have yourself a high fashion editorial makeover that’s worthy as a magazine cover page. The easy part, of course, would the the no-makeup makeup base and the hair. But the bleached brows look will definitely require extra concealing. Bleached brows doesn’t mean no brows, and they’ll still frame your face beautifully. Just in a few shades lighter. This season, it’s all about embracing the unconventionality of makeup. Bleached brows? Challenged accepted.

For The Darkest Shadows

Grunge is not dead. In fact, it’s getting a full-body resurrection at Milan Fashion Week. With Marni being the second fashion house in here to be a testament for punk-grunge makeup looks, we’re secretly hoping this cool-girl trend doesn’t die down anytime soon. After all, all you need is some dark as night eye shadow, micro bangs, and a really edgy attitude. Seriously guys, it’s that easy.

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