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Is There A Right Way To Wash Your Face?

Is double-cleansing necessary? Is it just lathering and splashing? We deal with the basics, so you don't have to wonder if this first skincare step is screwing everything else up.

Washing your face may come as second nature, but doing it on the daily doesn’t mean it’s always the best way. We can’t seem to avoid the real question at hand: is there truly a right way to go about rinsing our face? Has your method been blocking you from attaining what the South Koreans call “glass skin”?

There are the basics, like keeping your hands clean, staying far away from towels and never wearing makeup to bed. Then, the whats and the hows come in, that involves things like what type of cleanser you should be using or the tools and devices that act as tiny hands.

Picking the right cleanser is paramount for the skin, but is the Korean method of double cleansing really necessary? See, on days with heavy makeup and sunscreen, cleansing twice – first with an oil-based, then with a water-based – will help make sure that no impurities gets left behind. But wait, cleansing too much and too often can dry out and irritate the skin, leading to a myriad of other problems that includes acne and redness. It’s all about the balance.

As for how, using your trusty fingers to massage the cleanser into the skin can help “melt” makeup and pull it off the surface easier. You can adopt a circular motion against the hairs on the face, too, to really get it in there. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, treat yo’ self to some cleansing tools that can speed up the process with much lesser effort.

What works wonders for one person might not be the same for another. So, trying it out by patch testing products is always recommended. At the end of the day, there isn’t a single right way to go about washing your face, but a bit of massaging never hurt nobody.

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