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The Rouge Dior Double Is The Smartest Lipstick I’ve Used So Far

It looks like candy, but there's more to it. That pearly, contrast core you see right there? Two words: game changer.

I am just going to say it: I’m not a fan of bullet lipsticks. Why, in our post-Kylie Lip Kit world, would we revert back to that oddly-shape stick that would make your cupid’s bow look like one big rounded hill rather than twin mountain peaks. My experience with bullet lipsticks have left me wanting and my heart swore true to the liquid lipstick and the entire growing empire behind it.

But when I was handed the new Rouge Dior Double, I promised myself to uncap it with an open heart and an open mind. Beauty junkie that I am, there is no resistance when a spanking new – and, at the moment of my sampling, still unreleased – is placed in my hands. With its pearly core, the lipstick almost looks like candy, which is tempting in itself.

I tried the 999 Matte Metal, – with apprehension of course – and to my surprise, I liked it. The shade is like the perfect red lip that isn’t too in-your-face and the shimmer in the middle added just that perfect amount of highlight you need on your lips to make it pop. Highlighter! For your lips! How smart is that?

To really test it out, I brought the lipstick with me on my trip to Japan to see how it would hold up in dry and cold weather. The verdict? It did. My lips didn’t crack and bleed or put me in any state of agony like bullet lipsticks usually do for me. The only downside was that I had to blot my lips each time I applied it or risk having it transfer everywhere else. Fine by me, since it was hydrating, something that I’ll admit many matte liquid lipstick lack. Better this than sticky gloss. Suffice to say, I’ve been wearing it every day since that first swipe. Every. single. day.

The contour look it promised wasn’t prominent – which is actually great. Nothing worse than two unblended colours. Staying power’s not too bad if you remember to blot. As for the cupid’s bow, I can shape it well with a good combination of time and a steady hand. But when I’m truly rushing, I dab it on and press my lips together to blend it out. You don’t get that highlighted lip look, but you still get great colour.

All those things you’ve heard about using two different lip shades to create a contour on your lips? Forget them, that takes too much time – just use the Rouge Dior Double. It will amaze you and perhaps even have you neglecting the rest of your lipstick collection. I swear I’ll get back to you, liquid lipsticks, but mamma’s a little distracted by this two-tone bullet at the mo.

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