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Test Drive: Can An Overnight Hair Mask Fix Natalyn’s Frizzy Tresses?

Team KULALA's junior writer puts her hair – which she suspects has enough static to power an apartment – on the chopping block in the name of vanity and easier mornings.

I have serious issues with my hair. It’s very much like my arch nemesis and has been a problem for as long as I can remember. From battling dandruff with the simple act of brushing my hair and scalp sprays to taming it with hair oils, there’s not a day where my hair looks the way I wish it would. The root of all issues regarding my hair lies with the fact that my scalp is a literal desert at day one but will be swimming in sebum by the end of day two. There’s no in-between, and it makes purchasing hair products that much more inconvenient because I never know if I should be buying for a dry or oily scalp.

One look at my mane, however, will show you that the volume doesn’t come from how thick my hair is, but rather how much the frizziness has taken over. Although hair oils help with keeping them tresses calm, it’s a one-day temporary solution that doesn’t do much for the long run. If an overnight hair mask promises to repair AND hydrate to the core of each strand – meaning that my hair will improve both in looks and in health – I’m totally down for it.

The tricky thing about hair masks is that I’m not willing to splurge on a container that I’m not sure of. This is why Sephora’s Hair Sleeping Mask in a single packet instantly caught my eye like the glint of diamond on a treasure island. I jumped right into using it the evening I found it and was so excited to start my journey to better days of being able to swish my hair gracefully like in a nineties hair commercial.

When I first tore open the packet, I realised that there was actually quite a fair bit of product in there, which is great. Application was easy and I didn’t have too much trouble stuffing it into the hair net. I did feel that it was slightly porous, as it felt a bit wet from outside the net. I slept with a towel over my pillow for good measure and was honestly somewhat calming. Snoozed in five, and that doesn’t usually happen.

After a quick wash in the morning with just water, I had hopes for it since it felt smooth without the use of any conditioner. Despite this, my hair took over a course of five hours to dry. Even then, it looked slightly damp, almost oily, and gave me major mermaid vibes – except, I didn’t want wavy hair and I was to be at an event in an hour. Even after dry shampoo and a lot of sighs later, I realised that the problem laid with the amount of oil that hugged each strand of my hair.

Perhaps I had left the mask on for too long or didn’t wash it off properly. Maybe shampoo was supposed to be used, or that I should’ve used a hairdryer instead of letting it air-dry. It may be that my hair just so happens to be one of the unlucky few amongst the four and five star reviews. If you’re looking for beachy waves or a curl that holds, this might be the mask for you. One thing’s for sure, it looks like I’ll be sticking to my trusty old hair oil for the meantime. Until the next hair mask?

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