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Shiseido Has Completely Reimagined Itself And We Are Down For It

The iconic Japanese brand has undergone a major revamp with a COMPLETELY new range and ridiculously talented ambassadors Pony and Patrick Ta to back them up. Exciting times, indeed.

When a 146-year-old cosmetics company revamps every single makeup product in their collection, you know major things are coming. Major fabulous things are coming. With the aim to shake off their old reputation and ring in the new and young, Shiseido has launched a completely new set of products, featuring modern, bolder and more vibrant pigments. Rather unusual for a Japanese brand, but that makes it all the more exciting.

Choosing to focus on four textures – inks, gels, powders and dews – the 20 new products are truly revolutionary. Each has been given the utmost attention, right down to the sleek, minimalist and compact packaging.

While we can’t possibly cover them all, we will say this: the Visionairy Lipstick is one insanely pigmented lipstick we can’t stop wearing. There’s also the super convenient Archliner Ink eyeliner that features a bent tip for easier winged-tip application, and the Whipped Powder Blush that feels like mousse, but applies as the most creamy, lightweight and natural flush – ever. (The attentive ones would have seen it on Yoyo’s Instagram Stories!)

New brushes were also introduced, albeit kept very minimal with only five in the ranger. The bristles are next-level soft, and cruelty-free. If we were to pick a favourite, it would have to be the foundation brush, only because it has the silicone foundation blender on the back. A serious space and time saver.

During their global launch that was held in Tokyo, the Shiseido team also held masterclasses by two very, very talented celebrity makeup artists Pony – yes, that Pony! – and Patrick Ta to show us how versatile and easy to use the new line was. One tip in particular from Patrick really stood out, which was to pat a contour or blush in with a brush instead of using a swiping motion, which is easier to control and provides a more even finish.

With the new contemporary feel Shiseido is going for, we’re only all too excited for them to step out and into a bold glamour identity. From the way things are, we’re pretty sure they’ll be flying off the shelves, so don’t wait a minute longer. You can catch them at ION Basement B4 from now until the 26 August, 2018.

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