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Are You A Magpie When It Comes To Makeup, Too?

That is, buying beauty products that you don't actually need. Oooh look, glitter!

Each time I subconsciously stray to the eye shadow shelves at Sephora, I ask myself the same question over and over – how many eye shadows palettes does one girl need? I technically only use five to eight colours on a daily basis – from Urban Decay’s Naked 3 – so the logical answer should be one. It should be.

Yet, I have six: Zoeva’s Rose Gold, Tarte’s Tartelette In Bloom Clay Palette and Swamp Queen, Urban Decay’s Naked 2 and Naked 3, and Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres in Candeur Et Expérience. Holy guacamole.

I don’t even know how to pronounce that last one, okay? I just know that it is pretty. It even has this gorgeous brick colour to create that on-trend red smoky eye. Have I tried to use it outside the confines of a beauty experiment i.e. in real life, though? Well…not yet. Have I used more than a quarter of those aforementioned palettes, excluding Naked III? Well, not yet. I’ll get to it, obviously. *Insert an eye roll and nervous laughter here*

Okay, fine, fine. FINE. When it comes to eye shadow palettes, especially the glittery ones, I’m a total hoarder. I keep them in a little corner on my beauty shelf, take them out to stare at them once in a while, feel happy about it and put them back. I can’t be the only one who keeps falling into what I’m calling the “Magpie Spiral of Doom”. I can’t be, right? Ladies?

With Christmas and gifting season coming up – which means holiday gift sets full of sparkly things left, right and centre – my magpie tendencies are more active than ever. It doesn’t help that beauty brands are dropping supersized limited edition sets as quickly as a magpie drops…you know. There is Tarte’s Pretty Paintbox Collector’s Makeup Case, which holds 24 eye shadows in addition to blush, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner and lip paint. Then, there is the jumbo Urban Decay Naked Vault Vol III, which basically holds all the Naked products you need for the next decade and then some. I mean, just look at it – it is enough to make any beauty junkie cry.

The crème de la crème of them all goes to Story Book Cosmetics, who have taken it upon themselves to go out and make an actual Harry Potter-inspired eye shadow palette. This is not a drill or a trick of clever Photoshopping, people – a Harry Potter palette is coming. From the looks of it, it is going to be gloriously sparkly and pigmented.

If none of that was the least bit enticing to you, this last beauty bomb might do the trick – Kat Von D is now stocking her cult-favourite Everlasting Obsession Liquid Lipstick in a set of 15. If you’re a fan of Von D and are looking for a reason to splurge, this is it. It isn’t sparkly, but damn is it good to look at.

So, what do you say? Bread and water for lunch until Christmas rolls around?


Photos: Penelope Tree by Richard Avedon/Avedon Foundation,  The Burgundy Palette by Kylie Cosmetics

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