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These Are The Local Beauty Brands On Our Radar

National Day may have just passed, but that doesn't mean your patriotism has to stop there. We present to you, the cult beauty brands born here, on this little red dot.

Finding a beauty brand to love is a feat many are still trying to achieve. We then start to wonder – does the perfect moisturiser exist for Singapore’s humidity? Will brands ever cater to the heat, sweat and oil we experience on a daily basis here?

The key to it all might just be to turn to people who know it best – Singaporeans ourselves. Think about it, we will be the only ones who understand what it’s like to have our lashes droop five seconds after curling it. Plus, it always feels good to support local!

Some of these brands might already sit on your vanity. Skin Inc and Allies of Skin are two of the more popular ones, but we’re also into The Gentle Label, Two Lips and Alcheme. Without further ado, scroll down to learn more about them.

Skin Inc

Having a homegrown skincare label as widely known and popular as Skin Inc equivalent to feeling like a proud mum. They’re best known for their customisable serums and Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, both which produce even better results when used together. If you ever wished for a serum that targets your specific problems, you’re looking at it.

Allies of Skin

Second on this list is Allies of Skin, another label that has also crossed oceans, priding themselves on their smart products that helps you cut back on the number of products used. Korean 10-step routine? Forget that. Their Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial and 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask is all you need. We even interviewed the genius behind it all!

The Gentle Label

If your skin leans more towards the sensitive side, using acids (AHAs and BHAs) can be a bit too harsh. See, going au naturel has more pros than cons. It kicks the common irritants out of the picture, like The Gentle Label’s face wash, free of things like SLS, petrochemicals, fragrances and many more. Plus, it’s eco-friendly as none of those would wash down into our oceans. We particularly like that their dish soap won’t leave our hands dry and rough when we’re doing the dishes.


Nothing seems to be working? Perhaps you might want to try out some customised skincare from Alcheme. This is especially good for all of you have been trying to find the perfect moisturiser for your dehydrated yet oily skin. You can even choose to go fragrance-free and the type of texture you’d like.

Two L(i)ps

There’s a skincare product for almost every part of our body. Cuticle care, exfoliants for the ankles, you name it. But there’s one we females tend to forget about – our vulvas. Yeap, we’re going there. Okay, but is it really necessary? We say yes, because after all the waxing and ingrown hairs we put them through, they deserve a bit more TLC, and Two L(i)ps has all the best ways to care for them. Not to mention, they can all be used on your face too. We love a product that takes care of ALL of us.

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