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PSA: This May Be The Greatest Face Primer Ever Made

It will set you back two hundred bucks and comes in the tiniest of bottles, but hear us out for a second!

You should be used to us changing our favourite insert-name-of-beauty-product-here every other month by now. What can we say? When it comes to beauty products, we get the FOMOs. If there’s an incredible beauty product just hanging out in the world, we will find it and we will test it. Now, imagine that in Liam Neeson’s Taken voice.

About a month ago, we along with a couple of our readers, took it upon ourselves to seek out the best face primers in existence. Because it is impossible – even for beauty cray-crays like us – to test out every single primer in the business, we rounded things down to lucky number seven. We had our winners – or so we thought.

It happened on a regular, casual weekday. We decided to kill some time in between meetings with some window-shopping on the beauty floor of a certain departmental store. It was then that we spotted Sisley’s Double Tenseur. We didn’t know much about it, except that our makeup artist pal Shaun Lee uses it regularly for his clients, Yoyo included. Since her makeup almost never budges when Shaun uses it, we took that as a sign to bag the primer.

Best. Decision. Ever. Unlike most oil-controlling primers, Sisley’s leaves a glow that is good enough for you to ditch the highlighter. While this means that the primer’s finish is not matte, it doesn’t stop it from forming the perfect base for your makeup to hold on to. The product sorts of sinks into the skin (and that’s fine, because it doubles as skincare) and leaves a very thin film, so you don’t get a thick layer hiding under your foundation. What results is makeup that will not budge for hours and hours, even if you have oily skin. If you have normal skin, this may even go on for the whole day.

The primer’s oil-control prowess is truly what takes the cake here. Our foundation did not oxidise and turn into a runny mess. That is most of the battle won already. Less oil also means lesser clogging of the pores and fewer blackheads to deal it with time. Throw in skin smoothing and firming abilities (the latter was less obvious for us, but the reviews we’ve read seem to vouch for it) and we’ve got a true holy grail product on our hands. No other primer has covered all the bases this perfectly. Is this what magic is? Sorry, every single primer we’ve met before Sisley’s Double Tenseur, but we’re breaking up.

There is a not-so-small drawback to the primer, though: it will set you back two hundred bucks, making this the most expensive primer we’ve ever come across to date. The bottle is also not the most generous of sizes. Should you still take the plunge? We say if your current primer works just fine, stick to it. But, if no primer has worked so far and you’re getting desperate, and you have cash to spare, try out Sisley’s. Good luck, my friend.

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