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Splash Masks: What Are They & Do You Need Them

How effective can splashing something on your face be compared to regular sheet and overnight masks, right? Trust us, you'd be surprised.

Sheet masks, overnight masks, lip masks – the list could go on forever. This time, we’re talking about the no-mask mask: the splash mask. When news of it first hit our ears, it got us wondering: what on earth is it? Do you really just splash it on your face? We’ve heard of the “patting water pack”, which is much more straightforward as the name suggests.

Well, to put it simply, splash masks are liquid-based products that stay on your face for 15 to 30 seconds and have the consistency of a toner or essence. Don’t underestimate the power of splash masks, though. With just a couple of splashes, a good splash mask can give you the same results as a 20-minute mask ritual. The ingredients in one single bottle could target a myriad of skin issues, giving you results almost in an instant. It sounds almost too good to be true – if not for the fact that we tried one ourselves.

You know us. We only go on about a beauty product if it really floors us. To investigate the rising beauty trend, we decided to put it to the test with a trio of splash masks we got from Blithe. There are two ways to go about these. You can fill a tub with water and add a cap-full of the mask, mix it and splash the mixture onto your face like what you see in those cheesy skincare commercials, or you can pour a cap-full of the product onto your hands, pat it into your skin and splash on some water. (We recommend doing the latter in the shower just to avoid soaking your sink area.)

The verdict? It works. You’d think that it wouldn’t do anything, because it is just a cap’s worth of product in a tub of water and it’s just splashing – but it does! Immediately after, our skin felt refreshed, softer and smoother, the work of the splash mask’s exfoliating properties. There is some level of brightening going on as well. All that with just some splashing! Personally, I noticed that my skin looked clearer after a week of usage. My existing acne scars also started to fade and I haven’t had a violent breakout since.

There are two very small downsides, though. There’s that worry about not diluting the product enough, which could end up being too harsh on the skin. A splash mask like Blithe’s also isn’t the most travel-friendly of options unless you lug a small tub or basin along with you. You can always go by the pat-then-splash route, but it is still in no way as convenient as an overnight cream or gel mask or a sheet mask.

Actually, it might be wishful thinking to call splash mask masks, since they look in no way like one. With the high levels of lactic acid for exfoliation, we think it has more in common with an AHA cleanser than a regular mask. It is, however, super effective, quick and lazy day-approved, since you can use it in the shower. Adding on the fact that it works, we can’t really ask for more.

If you’re not feeling the whole dilute-splash-rinse thing going on, there’s also one from Boscia that you can just pat on over wet skin and another from Skin79 where each dose comes in a slightly more travel-friendly pack. We won’t recommend using it in a cramped airplane toilet, but at least you don’t have to carry a whole bottle along with you.

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