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My Search For The Next Red Eyeshadow Led Me To Gold

With all that talk about a golden tan and a golden glow, golden lids make so much sense. So easy to work into the day, too. Here's how to get your golden summer started.

I am an unapologetic creature of habit. I eat the same things until I get sick of it. I visit the same places until I get sick of them. Whenever Sephora’s sale season rolls around, my cart will, for the most part, consist of replacements for stuff I’m almost done with. Sometimes, I think about buying two of the same pair of shoes so I don’t have to worry when the first pair wears out.

When the likes of Kristen Stewart and whole string of A-listers started championing the burgundy and brick red eye two years ago, I felt that I had found the eyeshadow colour for me. It was a statement, but it wasn’t too hard to handle and it surprisingly worked for both day and night. It suited my skin tone, too. It was perfect.

After two years of wearing the same look, even creatures of habit get bored. Such was the end of my relationship with the red eye. I was a little lost, so much that I skipped eyeshadows for a while. Then, as if a lighthouse in a stormy sea, I found Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres in Codes Elegants. Specifically the golden half.

Gold for the year end festivities is extremely understandable. Some might say expected. In the middle of the year, right smack in the middle of summer?

Actually, yes. People go on about that golden tan and that golden highlight, so gold eyeshadow fits right into the season. To avoid looking overly festive, though, I find that blending a smidgen goes a long way. Layering it over hot-weather colours like burnt orange adds depth as well. I like my Chanel Beauty Codes Elegants over Urban Decays’s Naked Heat. If you want gold on its own, try something with a more bronzy base, so you look more Aphrodite than tree topper.

Why stop with the eyes? Kevyn Aucoin has a seriously pigmented gold liquid lipstick. Jeffree Stars Skin Frost in So F**king Gold speaks for itself – and doubles as an eyeshadow. Guerlain’s L’Or starts your makeup routine with actual gold. Skin Inc’s Black Gold mask takes gold-masking to an opulent but fuss-free level. Stay golden, huns. (But don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Chanel Beauty Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Codes Elegants

Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in So F**king Gold

Kevyn Aucoin The Molten Lip Colour in Gold

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eyeconic Multi-Finish Palette in Edgitorial

Oh K! Gold Foil Sheet Mask

Pat McGrath Labs Illuminator Kit in Golden

Skin Inc Soothe-N-Purify Black Gold Mask

Tom Ford Beauty Cream and Powder Eye Colour in Naked Bronze

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