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How To Get Your Feet Ready For Open-Toe Season

No need to bury them toes in the sand. Combat crack, dry feet with a pampering routine that will turn them soft as a baby's derrière.

Many of us obsess over skin care, but how many of us really pay attention to our feet? It is arguably the most neglected part of our body when it comes to skincare, yet our feet bear the brunt of our forays into fashion. The chaffing, the squishing of toes and the friction on your cuticles. Culprit detected.

Like your hands, except maybe worse because your hands at least get what’s leftover from your skincare, the feet are amongst the fastest to age, but most of us would much rather be kicking it back with a really good book or movie after a long day. Taking out precious time to care for our feet almost seems blasphemous to much revered zen time. I mean, who’s even looking at them, right?

Well, if it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother you. But, if you foresee plenty of barefooted and open-toe days up ahead – it is beach vacation season, after all – this means only one thing: your feet in full glory. If you don’t want dry cuticles and cracked heels to mar your beautiful open-toe sandals or your painstakingly picked swimsuit, it’s time to commit. Trust me, it isn’t even that hard. Amazingly therapeutic, too, and fully customisable. Gather your pamper essentials, because we’re going to show you how to get soft feet in five steps.



Leave your feet in a steamy foot soak with some bath salts and soften the first layer of the hardened skin while basking in the beautiful aromas these scents provide. Light yourself some candles for ambient light, and you’re totally spa ready.



With your feet nice and soft, its now time to get scrubbin’. Scrub away all your day’s stress using a foot file or a pumice stone, but be careful not to exert too much force. You don’t want to end up with painful, raw feet afterwards. Alternatively, if you don’t want to have to deal with the dead skin flakes, opt for a peeling mask. These will exfoliate just the same, but minus the mess. Total win.



Cuticles are amongst the driest parts of our feet and cracked cuticles suck. Painful and unpleasing to the eye, we gotta tackle them at their root. Apply these oils generously on your cuticles and nails, or you’re lazy like me, opt for the Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment foot oil. This oil can be applied over your whole feet, and give yourself a good ol’ massage while at it.




There’s nothing better than this final step where you actually get your baby soft feet. Lather on these ultra moisturising creams, and voila, your transformation is complete. Those beach parties are calling for you, and your baby feet are totally ready to shine. If you want to make sure everything is locked in, throw on some socks before you go to bed.


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