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The Only Eye Cream That Managed To Reduce My Persistent Panda Eyes

Sounds sceptical, but this wonder cream may just eliminate your dark under eyes in one botanical extract-infused punch. There is a teeny-tiny drawback, though...

Ladies, if you’ve been plagued by both ashen and puffy under eyes for majority of your life, feel you. I’ve tried the whole lot from slathering countless of viscous, sticky creams promising “instant results” to bogus home remedies like placing sliced potatoes and turmeric under my eyes but all to no avail.

There’s only so much concealer can do for you, and it gets frustrating when almost everyone you meet on a barefaced day jokes that you came straight outta The Walking Dead‘s set. Fortunately, we no longer have to warble along toTomorrow” from Annie with false optimism, fervently praying for a wish-granting eye cream to materialise – because it actually exists.

I recently tried out Sunday Riley’s Auto Correct Cream. Needless to say, I am jaded enough when it comes to ambitious creams claiming to possess almost magical abilities, but I was pleasantly surprised at how immediate the effects of this formula were. It stings a bit upon application, I’ll have to admit, but the under eye area feels much tighter, looks brighter and smells citrusy. A nice touch to the already impressive product, if you ask me. (Their famous Good Genes too has that stinging feeling, might be a secret ingredient.)

It’s no wonder this amazing cream works since it’s infused with a long list of premium ingredients: the antioxidant-rich lutein provides a lit-from-within glow to the eye area, the cocoa and shea butter soak the skin with moisture while the botanical extracts hydrate and diminish the appearance of eye contour puffiness.

Despite how slightly uncomfortable it feels on my under eye area, I am almost entirely a-okay with this compromise I’ll be making, just as long as I remind myself that there is no gain without pain. But furreal – if you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider staying far, far away from this product.

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