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I FINALLY Put Sunday Riley’s Crazy Popular Good Genes To The Test

If you weren't blessed with good skin genes, this chart-topping cult favourite aims to change that. I volunteered as tribute to see if it really is worth all the hype it gets.

I love a witty product name. I am more inclined to love it if it is backed by basically the entire internet. Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is one of such. I stalk numerous beauty-centric Instagrams and they constantly feature Sunday Riley. I have friends around the globe who cannot stop talking about Good Genes. So, when I finally, finally got my hands on a bottle of the stuff – my Singaporean lads and lasses, you can get it on Net-a-Porter – I wasted no time. My face was ready.

Good Genes is so named because, like so many things in life, if you don’t have it, fake it until you make it. Even if you weren’t born with naturally flawless skin, Good Genes and the lactic acid, lemongrass and liquorice within want to make you look like you do. Like you had them good genes in the first place.

For an indie label, Good Genes boasts pretty luxe packaging with a frosted glass bottle and a gold cap. It is on the expensive side at over S$100, but as you only need a one or two small pumps for your whole face – this spreads really well – you probably can stretch a bottle for quite some time.

The citrus scent is obvious from the start. Creamy at first, the serum turns watery in a second and leaves behind a film of moisture on the skin. Good Genes aims to do many things, but in a nutshell, it works to exfoliate, brighten, plump and even out skin tones, hopefully under three minutes. The interesting bit? Unlike every other exfoliant I’ve used, this is a leave-on treatment. You don’t even need a cotton pad.

Good Genes goes on easily, but within a few seconds, I started feeling a tingling on my skin that I’ll admit felt a little unsettling. Was my skin rebelling against this widely raved-about wonder? I refused to accept it. Instead of panicking, I proceeded to wait – and it is a good thing I did.

The brightening part was in the bag and I noticed that the faint line caused by my eye bags faded away as well. My eye bags – or really, eye bag because my face is asymmetrical like that – also went down. It took minutes. I went on to pat on the rest of my skin care and realised that my skin felt so much smoother. Following a night’s sleep with Good Genes on my face, I woke up with brighter and happier skin. My angry chin zit also didn’t hurt anymore.

However, the tingling sensation did catch me off guard. The back of the bottle says that you can put Good Genes on after their Luna Sleeping Night Oil and before a moisturiser, so for subsequent nights, I opted to apply it after my night oil of choice (which lately has been Fresh’s Seaberry Moisturising Face Oil) and before my current favourite fluffy pseudo moisturiser, Chanel Beauty’s Le Blanc Healthy Light Creator Mask. What do you know! It worked just as well. Good Genes can be used as a mask as well. Just up the number of pumps and rinse off after. I love a multi-tasker.

We have our verdict! Like the rest of the world, I think Good Genes to be pretty darn cool. The effects are obvious and some of it fairly quick, making it perfect on days where you’re desperate for a quick fix. If we’re talking about clearer, brighter skin with a lower price tag, I’ll inch more toward Herbivore’s Blue Tansy. But Good Genes is quite the multi-tasking exfoliant-slash-moisturiser that though tingly at first, actually calmed my skin down instead of irritate it. It smoothens in minutes as well. Where the heck does all the dead skin go to?! It’s weird, but good weird.

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