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How I Got My Lips To Be Super Smooth

The perfect canvas for any lipstick, matte or otherwise. Cracked lips, you are officially a thing of the past.

Fact: I have been plagued with dry, cracked lips for a majority of my life. When I was in my late teens, the situation got so bad that I could literally peel off the dead skin on my lips in sheets. Not itty-bitty bits, mind you, but in literal sheets. It’s a little TMI, but now you get the picture. With lips as dry as the Sahara, I spent a good decade searching for the ultimate lip balm. From the moment mother dearest said it was okay to wear lip balms – she, for some reason, felt that lip balms qualified as makeup and didn’t allow any on me until I was a tween – I have been testing lip balms left, right and centre. Just name a brand of lip balm off the top of your head – there’s a high chance that I’ve already tried it.

Have I found the lip balms of all lip balms? Well, yes and no. You see, like the path to effective home masking, I’ve realised that there isn’t one fix-all solution. You just cannot get lazy with it. So, partly influenced by the plethora of South Korean beauty products we saw recently in Seoul, I decided that I was going to have smooth lips, once and for freaking all. I deserved to have smooth lips. I deserved to wear matte lipsticks and not look like a horror film extra.

The first step was self-explanatory. Dry lips = dehydrated lips. What do we do to cure dehydration? Some good ol’ water. Lugging a bottle around sucks, but cracked lips suck more. Also, think about how happy your kidneys will be with all that adequate hydration! They’d be like, “Guuuuurl, thanks for making our jobs easier by drinking all that water. Now, go pee!”

I’ve also made it a point to include exfoliation in my makeup routine, and dropping a lip scrub in my makeup bag so that I don’t forget to do it. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish is a cult favourite, but if you don’t want sugar grains stuck in your nails, alternatives like Etude House’s Kissful Lip Care Lip Scrub work as well. Then there’s the old trick of using a soft toothbrush to brush the dead skin off your lips. It’s old school, but it’s a good practice to keep.

Your skin benefits from masking, so why shouldn’t your lips get the same treatment? We’ve sung plenty of praises for Aritaum’s Lip Patch, and Etude House’s Cherry Lip Gel Patch is an instant way to get smooth lips. Also, look at how cute it is! I am also a little obsessed with Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask. I mean, why aren’t there more leave-in lip masks around? It’s a thing that makes sense. Slather a spatula-full all over your puckers, go to bed and wake up with hydrated lips. Super easy. It feels good knowing that the mask is working on your lips as you snooze. Just don’t, you know, drool too much. And if you need more than a mask, there are even serums for lips now.

Finally, lip balms. How can we end without going there, right? At the height of my lip-dryness, Burt’s Bees’ Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm and Pomegranate Lip Balm were the solace to my misery, but these days I like Dior’s Dior Addict Lip Glow. Yoyo swears by Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy and Swiss Plus and she doesn’t settle for second when it comes to skincare.

It’s been about two weeks since I resolved to have super smooth lips, and considering that my lips haven’t bled since, I’d say that I am doing pretty okay. Come at me, matte lipsticks and lip creams.


Photo: Dior Couture Fall 2016/ Vogue.com

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