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3-in-1 Makeup Products for a Quick Morning Get Ready Routine

Getting ready in a jiffy is that much easier with these cheeks, eyes and lip multi-taskers. We round up the latest releases of the lot – take your pick!

You know the drill. You head to bed with lofty ambitions of waking up a whole hour earlier to go through your morning routine. Shower, hair, makeup. In an ideal world, you’d set foot out the door without a hair out of place, face made up for the day and outfit looking on point. But when reality sets in and the allure of the snooze button becomes far too irresistible, there are more days when you scramble out of bed 20 minutes before you’re due to head out of the door. You then have to pick your battle. Do you blow dry your hair or put your face on?

On these days, 3-in-1 makeup sticks and palettes are a saving grace. When you can’t afford the time to think your beauty look through, a foolproof multi-tasker will save you both time and the embarrassment of looking like a hot mess. Getting ready in a jiffy is a true art form and to master it, you need the right tools. If were to breakdown your makeup routine, you’d probably conclude that you spend the most time painting your eyes, cheeks and lips. Careful consideration goes into picking out and synchronising these hues but when all you have are 10 minutes to get it together, ain’t nobody got time for all ‘o dat.

To cut that time down, you need versatile do-alls in your beauty stash to mindlessly swipe onto your face in a jiffy. There are plenty of multi-taskers on offer in the cosmetic market but here we have gathered three of the newest releases for your consideration.




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