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Forget About Coconut Oil, Honey For Your Face Is Where It Is At

Look, not throwing any shade or tea at coconut oil, but honey moisturises, nourishes and heals without the risk of clogging your pores. Just sayin'.

With the skincare aficionados of the world growing more and more discerning about what they put on their face, more and more brands are starting to place natural or plant-based ingredients at the core of their products. The phenomenon has even extended to makeup. While not all chemicals are bad for your skin, it just feels comforting to know that a good part of your favourite product came from nature.

A lot of ingredients get hyped in the business of skincare and with summer crawling into the picture, coconut gets tossed around a lot. Metaphorically. I hope no one is throwing any coconuts.

Look, I love coconut. I love coconut water, and being Southeast Asian, I also love coconut desserts. But coconut on the skin? That, I don’t love so much. Coconut oil is a known comedogenic. Simply put, it may clog your pores. Granted, there are some who swear by the power of coconut oil in healing stubborn breakouts, but there is still a risk that it could all go downhill.

There is, however, another food-based ingredient that is just as springy and summery AND good to a fault. Enter delicious, sweet and nourishing honey.

Apparently, the idea of using honey to heal wounds dates all the way back to Ancient Greece where it was used to treat sunburns and wounds. These days, the moisturising effects of the golden, gooey stuff take centrestage, though it should be noted that honey has antibacterial properties as well. While it probably won’t magic away your acne overnight, it can work to calm inflammation and redness with none of the comedogenic bees-ness. (Sorry, I had to.)

For over a year now, my go-to mask whenever my skin is sucked dry of moisture is a little product called It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Manuka Honey from Innisfree. Not only is it astoundingly cheap, it works. And, it smells good! Fresh’s Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Mask is another honey-centric mask that is just so creamy and rich and sumptuous and eurgh. Hold me. The cream mask is on pricy end of the spectrum, but its hydrating and brightening properties are not something to joke about.

Why stick to your face? In fact, why stick to just honey? Laura Mercier’s Creme Brûlée Honey Bath, which also contains shea butter, vanilla and sweet almonds, is a luscious shower cream that feels so darn good on the skin and so calming for the senses. The stuff of home spa dreams.

Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil, on the other hand, has both honey and royal jelly as its star ingredients. With a texture that is somewhere between a watery serum and an oil, this one feels featherlight on the skin and still delivers a good dose of moisture, making it a good day oil even under makeup. Honey, don’t leave me.

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