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The Benefits That Your Oily Skin Can Reap From Retinoic Acid

Waking up to soft, supple skin with a lit-from-within glow has never been this easy. But be warned: there is an itsy bitsy downside.

If you have oily skin like me, you’ll know how your makeup can leave you feeling like a ten to a two in a few short hours. You’ll leave the house looking fresh, and there will be this tiny glimmer of hope in you that maybe, just maybe, the all-day matte foundation you’ve been saving up to get will finally work its magic. Give the humidity – curse you, tropical weather! – and the sun and bam, the oils are pooling and your foundation starts melting.

If you’re part of the Slick Sisters Club, you’ll know that there isn’t much you can do about an overly dewy face in this heat…

…except, there is. You might think I’m crazy, but face oils are my tiny miracle workers. I use them at night as a quick and intensive dosage of hydration, and when I feel like it, I will even switch out my primer for a little drop of oil in the morning before my makeup routine. It’s like how the Chinese saying goes: fight poison with poison.

Still a skeptic? Maybe this will change your mind.

Throughout my face oil journey, I couldn’t find a favourite. There just wasn’t a product I could confidently say I swore by. That is, until I tried Tata Harper’s Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. I’m almost convinced that I’ve found my beauty equivalent of a soulmate.

Every other oil I’ve used just felt like they were lacking something – they worked perfectly fine, no doubt about that, but I always wished my face oils did more than just soothe and hydrate. You’ll be pleased to know that this nutrient face oil contains 37-percent of a natural form of retinoic acid sourced from rosehip. Retinoic nutrient products are age-defying miracles that targets visible signs of ageing and help to repair the overall texture of your face. So, to have a face oil that combats early signs of ageing while still giving your skin the hydration it deserves? That’s what we call a holy grail.

My skin absolutely drinks this up and I’ll only need about two to three drops a day. If you use this at night, be prepared to wake up to soft, supple skin with a lit-from-within glow. The face oil is also vegan and free of all toxins and artificial additives like colours and fragrances. It’ll sink into your skin almost immediately, which makes this the perfect oil to use in the morning. If you’re new to face oils and want to get your hands on a product that will work, get this.

But, I have to warn you, excessive use of face oils can sometimes cause tiny break outs. I was weeks in when I noticed oil bumps appearing near my hairline and around my eyebrows. Just like any other face oil – and your own natural face oils – leftover product can get trapped and you may experience breakouts from them. It’s nothing too serious, though, as these bumps come and go, but they serve as a good reminder to tone down on the skincare every once in awhile. Even with this, I still swear by Tata Harper’s Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. My skin has never glowed this good. And the ylang ylang scent from the oil? Absolutely heavenly.

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