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The Best Beauty Runway Looks To Recreate From Paris

It wasn't just the fashion that was stealing the spotlight. Wonky fringe, yellow eyeshadow, coral cheeks, baby bangs – yes, puh-lease.

Look, we get it. When fashion week comes along, it’s hard to keep up with the beauty trends on the runway when the clothes are stealing the spotlight. But, when you’re in Paris, it’s hard to miss them out. The beauty game on the runways were in a whole different ball court, and trust us when we say that we are running out of adjectives to describe the looks. Love it. Need it. Stealing it.

From sun-burnt cheeks to fuchsia lips, the beauty trends in Paris took us for a ride all through the different eras of fashion. We’re seeing homages paid to the seventies and eighties with baby bangs and big, thick lashes (Twiggy, is that you?), and they had futuristic reference too with graphic eyeliners and holographic lids. Excited to try them out? Then, keep on scrolling! Below are our favourite runway beauty trends for the season, and we’re showing you how to recreate them.


The au natural no-makeup makeup look is all about sun-kissed cheeks, glowing skin and luscious lips. It’s a peachy, summery, and naturally luscious bonanza with Altuzarra. Recreate this look by brushing over your cheeks and nose bridge in a V-shape formation with your favourite coral blush. You’ll look like you’ve been out exploring the streets of Paree and accidentally got a little too much sun, but really, all you had was some extra blush.

Christian Dior

A simple cat wing too boring for you? Then, it might be time for you to go bolder with a graphic eye. Learning from the true champions of graphic smoky eyes, recreate the graphic eye look like Christian Dior with an eyeliner and a steady hand. If you’re not quite up for the task yet, Dior is showing us that a black smokey eye and eyeliner all around is just as bold and timeless.


If you think having ultra thin and over plucked brows, a wonky fringe, and clumpy mascara is a hot mess, think again. Gucci is showing us that rocking bold bangs, clumpy lashes, and thin brows is completely en vogue. To take this look from the runway to the streets, try fake falsies and a voluminising mascara instead. Keep the trademark thin brows and make it a little more wearable by giving it a natural arch.

Saint Laurent

Over at Saint Laurent, makeup legend – and my personal idol – Tom Pecheux gave models a stamp of colour on their eyes. The seamlessly blended yellow pigments across their lids was like war paint – refreshing, fun, and easy to recreate. Skip the eyeliner and start blending out your favourite yellow-gold shadow all over your lids. If you’re a little uneasy with brushes, just use your fingers! A bolt of colour is always a good idea.


Red lips have always been a staple to the French. It’s almost like a uniform, or like a necessary addition to symbolise the epitome of elegance. Changing our minds this spring is Chanel. We’re saying good-bye to red and hello to Fuchsia. Think of fuchsia as the pink cousin – it’s equally as bold, but it packs a bigger punch. And, to be honest, it’s the much needed breath of fresh air we all need from the usual ruby lips we’ve been seeing. Fuchsia lips? Sign us up!

Miu Miu

Bringing nostalgia back on the runway is Miu Miu with their retro-futurist bangs that were deliberately hacked way too short. It was like an exploration on the messier side of imperfection, which accurately celebrates the tough, experimental, and always rebellious Miu Miu girl. The polarising baby bangs trend was everywhere – it’s the perfect way to open up your face in an edgy way.

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