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The Only Makeup Palette You Need for the Holiday Season

If you can’t resist the allure of sparkly, shiny holiday makeup palettes you might only ever take out a handful of times in the year, we don’t blame you. But Dior’s Holiday multi-purpose palette one-ups the others by taking you throughout the year.

As much as I love a good makeup palette, the pursuit of finding one with all the perfect shades is near mission impossible – and just like the movies, I might be on the eight installment of my adventures in seeking THE one. Anyone who has used a makeup palette at any point in their lives would be all too familiar with the predicament of hitting pan with all two or three of your favourite pigments and then not quite knowing what to do with the six others barely touched.

All the effort in going through the options, however, is but a part of the process. Makeup palettes are convenient on all counts. The best ones compress blushers, eyeshadow, highlighter and lipstick into one sleek compact offering options for both day and night. By the standards of a Virgo inclined to perfection, a makeup palette of peak performance should streamline your beauty must-haves by at least half.

The limited edition Dior Sparkling Couture palette ticks all of the boxes. An overachiever in the palette arena, it is the conceivable close to what you might have been searching for in all your years of painting your face. While it IS a holiday palette, which means glittery hues to bling the eyelid, the soft and ladylike pinks and subtle gold speak of the archetypal sophistication and femininity Dior is synonymous to.

Fool-proof for even unacquainted beginners, the palette offers combinations one simply can’t go wrong with. A soft pink shiny lid, a dark brown in the crease topped off with a golden sheen, you’ve got your New Year’s Eve eye look down pat. Now, it’s great that it does what it does when the festivities call for it but the Dior Holiday palette particularly has us willing to part with our coin for how easily it transitions into an everyday palette. A little hint of sparkle never hurt nobody!

Not that I haven’t already waxed enough lyrical about it but one last point to note: the gorgeous leather case the palette is housed within doubles up as a photogenic display for your accessories after! I mean, c’mon now.

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