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Treat Yo’ Self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

Includes a magical silk pillow case that not only promises to give you frizz-free hair in the morning *BUT* also hydrates your skin. Sorcery, I tell you.

It is true that good beauty products don’t necessarily come with a hefty price tag and it is also true that not all heftily priced beauty products are good. But the two sides have been known to come together, giving you a stellar product that is truly worth every penny. When such incidences do occur, we spend 30 minutes staring at this glorious product, going back and forth in our minds with the golden question: should I take the plunge and just splurge or should I just slowly back away?

Here’s what we have to say: if the product in question is tried and proven to be all-around excellent with benefits outweighing the cost and it is exactly what you’re looking for and you’ve got the cash to spare, then take the plunge. Or, if you’re just having a really bad day that can only be remedied by retail therapy, we think that qualifies the plunge.

Now, what to splurge on, you ask? If you’re still looking for that one streak-free foundation applicator that will give you that “no-makeup makeup” skin, try Artis. We’ve raved about it before and while pricier than a Beauty Blender, we haven’t heard a bad word about it. Don’t like the feel of the first generation ones? Try the Artis Brush Fluenta Oval 6 Brush (shop it here).

Hourglass doesn’t play games when it comes to blushes, eyeshadows and highlighters. We’re fans ourselves. They don’t come cheap, which is why the Ambient Lighting Edit (shop it here) is sort of a buck saver. Consider also the Tinted Lip Treatment Oil (shop it here). More than a lip tint, it is fused with 14 essentials oils – FOURTEEN! – to guarantee super hydrated lips and the smoothening of lines over time. FOURTEEN! Now you know why it is the cost of several Uber rides. While you’re at it, pack all of these into a printed Prada makeup pouch, why don’t ya?

So, you’re finally home, the makeup’s off and you feel like giving your skin some legit TLC. Try the MZ Skin Hydra Lift Gold Facial Treatment Mask (shop it here) steeped in actual gold particles, vitamin C and collagen – all good things for your skin. Bored with the usual mainstream products? There’s the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment (shop it here) that plumps, brightens, tones, restores and improves circulation with just a pump or two. Yes, you can even use it as a mask. Score one for beauty multi-taskers!

The final touch? A silk pillow case by Slip (shop it here) that not only promises frizz-free hair in the morning, it also apparently protects and hydrates your skin because of how silky it is. Gimmick? All the reviews we’ve seen point to “no”.

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