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Trust Us, You Won’t Go Wrong With This Foolproof Nail DIY

Remember the nail stickers from your childhood? We're taking it back to the basics.

Just three months ago, I had gone on and on – two paragraphs, 137 words long to be exact – about how getting my claws did gave me a renewed sense of purpose in life. In hindsight, I was one paragraph short of changing my Instagram handle to Kardi B if I had rambled any further than I did about the weight of pretty nails on my world.

Three months later and in the thick of a global pandemic, nail salons across the island have been temporarily shuttered. Getting my nails done at the salon, even if I wanted to, is no longer an option for the next month. The options are a. ride out the month by averting my gaze away from my nails or b. attempt an at-home manicure. For the ones with an artistic flair, the latter alternative is a no brainer. Nail art is child’s play. The rest of us whose nail endeavour more often than not ends up looking like a toddler’s colouring book, fret not, we’re not condemned to uggerz nails.

You may have all but forgotten about the existence of nail stickers but for the DIY-challenged amongst us, it is a foolproof way of approaching an at-home manicure. It really is easy as pressing down each sticker on the respective finger, file off the excess and seal it in with a top coat. Wa-lah! You have a fresh set of nails in 20 minutes tops. They might not last for long but with an entire pack of nail wraps, you could replace a chipped nail in a jiffy. A pro-tip: replenish the layer of top coat daily to stretch out the longevity of your picture perfect nails. Scroll through the gallery above for a rundown of online stores from which you can get your personal supply of nail wraps to tide your nails through quarantine.

May we also suggest making a full-on pamper session out of it by prepping your nails prior?


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