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The Underrated Shampooing Technique No One Talks About

If your mane tends to get oily at the roots but dry on the ends, this is the haircare technique for you.

Quarantine might have been trying in so many ways but one of the best things to come out of it has been the time we’ve all been afforded to embark on our beauty endeavours. From resetting your outdated skincare routine, discovering products you never knew were a thing prior to swapping out ones that might’ve been in your beauty arsenal forever, the beauty aficionados amongst us have made the most out of staying cooped up indoors.

Besides deep-diving into a trial and error of products, there’s also been equal experimentation with skin and hair care techniques here at Team Kulala. If you follow Yoyo’s Instagram stories, you might recall her sharing a snippet of a new facial steam machine she got shipped all the way from Japan to elevate her at-home facial routine to the next level – you’ll hear all about it in an upcoming review. I’ve been doing my own share of toying around with all things beauty-related, particularly in the haircare department.

For some background on my uphill battle with corkscrew curly mane, this should fill you in. When you have dry, curly hair, the oils tend to collect at the roots rather than evenly distribute itself throughout the strands of hair. As a result, your mane tends to get oily at the roots while the ends remain dry to the bone. At this point, if you’re thinking, gurl, condition your hair, it’ll solve your problems – trust me, I’ve tried. There’s no denying it makes a difference but on the mornings when I don’t have that extra 10 minutes to spare in the shower to let the conditioner marinate, I need an alternative.

Typically, shampoos are made for a specific hair type rather than bipolar mane like mine. Using a moisturising shampoo would mean flat, limp hair that is weighed down at its root, while using a clarifying alternative would further dry out my  already frizzy ends. The compromise, I’ve discovered in the last two months is using two different shampoos. A clarifying one for the roots and a moisturising one for the ends. It’s one of those remedies that are such a no-brainer, you second-guess its validity.

Setting the skepticism aside, it’s an easy solution that actually works. Sure, you might have to skip on a few seven-something dollar cups of coffee for another bottle of shampoo but having observed the results, the pay off is well worth it.

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