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We Put U Beauty’s Internet-Breaking Serum to the Test

With more than 20,000 orders in less than 24 hours of its pre-order launch late last year, does U Beauty's Resurfacing Compound really live up to its hype?

When the pre-order for U Beauty‘s Resurfacing Compound opened up back in October last year, the brand received 20,000 orders in less than a day. Subsequently, when it launched in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia, all it took was merely three weeks for the brand to completely run out of stock.

U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound is the brainchild of Tina Craig, a fashion and beauty blogger who goes by the moniker @bagsnob on Instagram. The initial popularity of the Resurfacing Compound may largely owe itself to Craig’s nearly half a million strong following on the ‘gram but its continued success suggests something other than a passing internet fad.

In fact, you don’t have to look much further than its formula for proof of its novelty. U Beauty is the only beauty brand in the world to employ Siren Capsule Technology. Simply put, the serums boasts molecules that function as a magnet to lure damaging free radicals away from healthy skin. Skincare with a discerning mind of its own? This has to be the stuff of the future.

Being ahead of its time, U Beauty’s approach to skincare too deviates from the one too many layer skincare routines popularised by the Korean beauty wave. Instead, packed with antioxidants, retinol, glycolic and lactic acids, the lauded serum works overtime to streamline beauty regimes. The icing on the cake? The formula is also clean, vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free.

Given its impeccable resume, the serum almost sounds like it might be too good to be true. Being quite the beauty aficionados ourselves, we had to investigate. For two weeks, Yoyo – a self-professed skincare fiend – stripped back on her robust day and night time skincare routines. A step way out of her comfort zone.

Naturally, the doubts were aplenty. Can one serum really perform (or outperform) the work of multiple products? As per the product recommendation, Yoyo applied the serum twice a day for two weeks. By the end of which, she was a convert. With skin that leans towards the drier side, Yoyo never skims on facial oils to double up on the moisture. The lightweight gel, despite, disappearing into the skin almost instantaneously upon application proved sufficiently hydrating sans her usual lineup of oils. Multi-functional as it claims, it also reduced the formation of blackheads significantly.

Everything you’ve heard on the internet about the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound, we can confirm.

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