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The Upper Lip Dilemma: Shave, Thread or Wax?

Ah, the pesky upper lip 'stache. You don't have to care about it and that's cool, but we're here for those of you who DO care.

To all the females out there, if you’ve got facial hair and it’s a constant struggle with it, you’re not alone. No, really – we’re only human! It exists and is perfectly natural, much like the hair on our underarms. Yet, when we do see it – on ourselves or on our friends – we go, “YOU HAVE A MOUSTACHE” and proceed to talk about how the moustache would resemble Salvador Dali’s if it’s not shaved off soon. Eurgh, girls.

Lucky for me, I always know when my upper lip bush peeks out, because I’m constantly reminded by my wonderfully observant sister, who is always reaching up to tickle my facial hair whilst making “wiggle” noises. Siblings, right? Usually I would just swat her away like a pesky fly, while other times I would impulsively rush to a threader, conveniently forgetting that I BREAK OUT after any kind threading. (They take WEEKS to clear.)

Since threading is out of the question and waxing does the same thing – but worse because it’ll also cause wrinkles around the area over time – that leaves shaving. The olds school method and sometimes the old school works really best.

Allow me to explain. When all else fails, shaving is the obvious winner for us because it is quick, easy, painless and – most importantly – keeps the break outs on the down low. Of the three, shaving is also the cheapest, most convenient and achieves the best results. Because the hair is so fine, the stubble is barely visible, and that little myth that the hair will grow out thicker is completely untrue. Take that myth and toss it far, far away. Add it all up, and you’ve got a quadruple win! Shaving does abrade the skin, though, so always remember to moisturise after.

You may not want to care about your ‘stache and that’s absolutely fine. In fact, kudos to you. But more than just dealing with a hairy situation, getting ride of the hairs on the upper lip actually helps with makeup. Foundation goes on easier, blending concealer over a zit gets easier, nude lipsticks look better. You don’t have to care, but we’re here for those of you who do.

What’s your way of dealing with the upper lip dilemma? Are you Team Shave? If you’re not, why? Tell us!

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