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The Highlighter Palette That Gives You A Glow That Won’t Quit

It'll fit right into your tiny bags, too, not that you'll need it for touch-ups or anything because this thing STAYS.

Welcome to KULALA Beauty Club, where YOU our dear readers help us suss out the best in the beautysphere. This week, we brought back Esther (@estheryphoto) with her review of Urban Decay’s Afterglow Highlighter Palette. Read her last review here.

Oily skin and humid weather should never stop anyone from indulging in poppin’ highlighter goodness. I was pleasantly surprised by the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Palette when it delivered a long-lasting, natural, radiant sheen that it has fast become my go-to daily highlight product.

The Afterglow palette takes it back to basics with four different highlighter shades: Bliss, Peroxide, NSFW and Side Piece. They’re not mighty pigmented, so don’t expect blinding brilliance straight away, but the glow is indeed buildable if you want to look particularly shiny.

For me, a subtle highlight is always great as I prefer my skin understated and eyes exaggerated. On most days, I’d lightly sweep NSFW just over my blush in an upwards C shape before using a fan brush to apply shade Bliss directly onto my cheekbones. I personally found that this made my contour and highlight blend more seamlessly with one another compared to other products.

Ever since I’ve started using this palette, I’ve never had to do any mid-day touch-ups. It actually clings on like a beast. A busy bee like me can be out in the morning by 9AM, be back at 11PM, and my highlight still hollers back when I glance into a mirror. Its staying power is pretty legitimate and I highly recommend it.

The palette is ultimately an essential for daily, glowing makeup, yet versatile enough to pull off evening looks. To round it all up, all I can say is – and in the words of Simon Cowell on any given talent show – it’s a yes from me.

Thanks, Esther! Want to join the KULALA Beauty Club? Head on over here to see how you can be a part of it. For more beauty reviews like this, click over here for our “Best of Beauty” series. All photos here were taken by Esther.

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