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I Tried Using My Ride-Or-Die Face Oil As A Makeup Primer

Because Cara Delevingne and Amanda Seyfried's makeup artist said so. The results were surprising to say the least. Very surprising indeed.

I tend to take every piece of beauty advice from a celebrity or their makeup artists with a grain of salt. Firstly, my skin isn’t as flawless and poreless as half of them. Secondly, I live in a climate that does everything in its power to melt makeup right off my face. Thirdly, I have pretty oily skin.

So, that foundation that you say lasts forever and to death will the pair of you part? Yeah, I need more than that. You layer on product after product without having to worry about a literal meltdown? Yeah, not me. I need higher, more careful maintenance.

That said, I’m always game to put intriguing beauty advice to the test. You never know what you’ll discover.

The latest comes from Katey Denno, the woman behind faces such as Cara Delevingne, Amanda Seyfried, Felicity Jones and Amber Heard. A champion for what she calls “green beauty”, Denno in an interview with E!Online recommends ditching makeup primers for face oils. Even for oily skin types.

Wait, what?

Her rationale is that primers, good as they may be, tend to clog your pores in the process of blurring them and mattifying your skin. Also, compared to creamy primers, oils absorb faster into the skin, allowing your makeup to stick on better.

The whole thing still still sounds rather iffy. Which only made me want to try it out more. And so, the experiment began.

I used my oil of the moment: Chanel’s Le Blanc Healthy Light Creator Oil. It is very light for a face oil, but I’ve never used it under a full face of makeup in tropical weather. I first cleansed my face and went through my daily serums, then patted on a few drops of the oil all over. I lightly blotted away any excess and followed with my foundation cushion, eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush, the works.

The dewy look is expected, but I dusted on some loose finishing powder to finish because, I’ll be honest – I was worried. What if I was having this fabulous conversation with so and so and my makeup started dripping off my face? I also took extra care to blot and powder the sides of my nose, because the oil was already collecting there from the start.

One unexpected thing I noticed was that my skin looked super glowy. Like it was catching the light at all the right places. Was it the work of the specific type of oil I was using or just oil in general? It could be the latter.

As the time went by, I realised that my skin got oilier faster. Here’s where it gets interesting, though. I realised that while my face did start to shine at the T-zone, it wasn’t a full blast of oil and it didn’t build. It sort of…plateaued. So, while I did blot twice in the span of six hours – and it was a hot day, mind you – it wasn’t the mess I was expecting.

In other words, my makeup pretty much stayed put. Surprise, surprise. I tip my hat to you, Katey Denno.

Do I think that my makeup would have stayed put past the six hour mark? Maybe, maybe not. I think under better weather, it just might. I don’t plan on ditching my go-to primer – that’s the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – anytime soon, especially on days where I cannot take the risk, but on regular days? Sure, I’ll go for an oil. It saves time, it saves ke-chings in the long run, it takes a layer off my face and I get proper hydration and a dewy glow in return. I will have to blot quite often, but that is easily managed. An easy compromise.

If you plan to swap out your primer for a face oil, I do recommend going for something quite light. That is, try not to use a night oil. If you have oily skin, do blot before your foundation and finally, keep the pressed powder compact and tissues close by, just in case.

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