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This Could Be The Most Versatile and Pigmented Liquid Highlighter, Like Ever

Pure, sparkly goodness that might be unicorn tears. Hear what our reader Nicolette has to say about upping her glow game with this updated cult favourite.

Welcome to KULALA Beauty Club, where YOU our dear readers help us suss out the best in the beautysphere. This week, we have (@nicoletteow) who is a sucker for makeup products that look and feel like second skin.​​ She brings us her review of Cover FX’s Glitter Drops. Read her last review here

Putting on highlighter is my favourite step in my makeup routine, so when Cover FX’s Glitter Drops in Mirage arrived, I was so ready. I’m a newbie when it comes to Cover FX products, but I have heard good things about the Glitter Drops in particular. Not only is it vegan, it’s also free of parabens and fragrances, so bonus points for that! This high-impact, light-reflective highlighter comes in a sleek bottle with a dropper applicator. It’s meant to be customisable and multi-dimensional, so you can use it on its own, under or over makeup, and even mix it with other beauty products.

First, let’s talk consistency. I like liquid highlighters that aren’t too watery, blend smoothly and give a natural glow. While it may seem watery in the bottle, the Glitter Drops are easy to apply. I can drop a few dots onto my face without any mess, and it blends well too. A tiny amount of product goes a long way, so a bottle of this will last you a long time.

What struck me the most was just how glittery this was – it definitely lives up to its name! When first applied, the gorgeous champagne colour appears to be overly pigmented. However, once you blend it out, specks of glitter are all you see. I don’t hate it, but it takes some getting used to, as the glitter can get pretty messy. I do see the appeal of it, though, especially if you love shimmery, high-shine highlighters. For me, it’s not an everyday look, but I can see myself wearing this to a girls’ night out or a music festival.

Of course, I had to test just how multi-functional this is. I wore it on my lids as eyeshadow, and mixed it with Benefit’s High Beam Liquid Highlighter to give my cheekbones some extra shine. Personally, I prefer applying the product on top of my make-up instead of using it on its own. Nevertheless, the Glitter Drops highlighter will be a fun addition to your collection, allowing you to experiment with your makeup, and take your highlighting game to a whole new level.

Thanks, Nicolette! Want to join the KULALA Beauty Club? Head on over here to see how you can be a part of it. For more beauty reviews like this, click over here for our “Best of Beauty” series. All photos here were taken by Nicolette.

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