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Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder: Is It Worth The Splurge?

She's back (HAH, get it? Back? Beck?) with another collection that'll knock your socks off. Here's everything you need to know about the best bits.

Victoria Beckham. How do I even begin to explain Victoria Beckham? She’s one-fifth of the greatest girl group of our time. She runs not one, but two successful labels. She’s got four ridiculously good-looking children. She’s got a slew of collaborations in her tailored pockets, including a major one with Estée Lauder. (I hope someone got the Mean Girls reference. Kids of the 90s and early 2000s, where you at?)

When she launched her collaboration with Estée Lauder last year, everyone went mad. We let one of our readers give it a test run and she proved the hype was justified. Everything from the sleek packaging down to the actual products itself. Now that Posh Spice’s second Estée Lauder collection is out, we decided to put it on the chopping block once again, because sticking our noses into makeup collections and scrutinising every detail for your benefit is what we do.

The London Eye Palette looks spectacular in its casing. Bordeaux, the burgundy red, was our favourite out of the four. It is, however, not the most pigmented of eyeshadows – you’ll need a primer and a couple of layers for the colours to really pop. That said, the quartet of colours do come together quite nicely. When paired with the super black Eye Ink Mascara, you’ll look party-ready in no time. Although the mascara is not entirely waterproof, the formula didn’t smudge and did a good job separating the lashes.

For something to bring out for a quick touch-up, the Eye Ink Shadows are a great option because of their compactness. It helps that they’re also super pretty, the kind of products you’d want to wave in everyone’s line of sight and do a little shimmy. They come in glittery shades, perfect for a night out with the my ladies.

Speaking of glitter, we took a swing at the Aura Gloss which is an exceptionally gorgeous gold-speckled gloss. We recommend using this on your lips as a top coat and not on your eyes like the product suggests, because it sets into your creases and gets a little uncomfortable through the day. We do wish that there were more gold specks in the product to make it really pop on the lips. Layering the gloss over the creamy lip pencil isn’t a good idea either because it ends up looking patchy. I’d suggest that you wear it with similar nude colours or just the pencil alone. The colour is a beautiful brownish-nude and doesn’t feel dry on the lips.

On the far end of the colour spectrum, the Smudgy Matte Eyeliner in Graphite didn’t let us down one bit. If you’re looking to achieve Victoria B’s signature smokey look, this will definitely do the trick. Simply apply and blend with your fingers. Use the Eye Kajal in Black Saffron Vanille to complete the look by lining your under eyes with the white and the top with the black. The formula’s really creamy and doesn’t tug on your skin.

To top it all off, a little dusting of the Skin Perfecting Powder will really help with that shine. As a finishing touch, the powder feels like nothing on the skin. It keeps the oil under control for a reasonably long time. While the powder alone is great – and the packaging is gorgeous – the gold metal case that it sits in is heavy and bulky. The compact lacked a powder puff, too. Basically, not the most convenient of finishing powders to take along with you. It does look good on a vanity, though.

So, there you go. We love the Becks – does anyone actually use that nickname? – but we found the collection to be alright. Don’t get us wrong – it is beyond beautiful, but as we’re suckers for ultra-pigmented eyeshadows and travel-friendly compacts, we won’t shove through a crowd and sacrifice a week’s worth of green juices for it. The occasional beauty splurge, though? Why not. That black and gold packaging will bring out anyone’s inner magpie.

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