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We Put The World’s Most Effective Face Mask To The Test

The clay mask craze may have already died down, but do we still love it? Yes. If we could marry it, would we? Also yes.

While bored stiff one day, I scrolled through iHerb with the intent of purging all chemically-derived products (yes, I was going through one of those reformative ‘self-care’ phases). I suddenly recalled the proliferation of YouTube videos raving about some mysterious powdered mask, and decided after short deliberation to purchase my own. There’s no real loss in trying out Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay since it’s mega cheap, especially when you’ve taken into account the myriad of benefits it’ll bring to your skin.

Let’s face it: we want instant results though we’re well aware of how unrealistic it is to expect too much from our skincare products, and that’s exactly why this Aztec clay mask completely knocks it out of the park. The powdered mask is made purely of calcium bentonite clay derived from volcanic ash, and it does a fantastic job at vacuuming all the gunk from your pores using a strong negative electrical charge that pulls hydrogen from cells.

To activate the bentonite, add the powder to a bowl and mix it thoroughly with apple cider vinegar until it has the texture of whipped egg whites. FYI, don’t mix the clay powder with water unless you want to score a meet-and-greet with Shrek in the comforts of your own home (he’ll be staring straight back at you in the mirror). But forreal, don’t swap the apple cider for water because you’ll get a very goopy, oatmeal-like mixture that’ll hang off your face like limestones. In addition to easy application, the acidity of the vinegar also acts as an exfoliator for the skin while the clay seeps out excess oil.

We’re not so sure if the mask’s inconvenience is a complete dealbreaker, but if accessibility is something you value in your facial products, then you’ll most probably find both the application and removal process extremely cumbersome and not worth the trouble. We’d still recommend it ‘cos the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and its affordability is just major HEART EYES.

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