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What The Zit On Your Chin Means & Other Things You Should Know

Got that one zit that keeps coming back to haunt you? We may have found the reason why – and how to keep it away for a good long time.

We’ve had some good skin days and some bad skin days. Because we’re only human, the latter happens, sometimes more often than expected and sometimes more tragic than others, by which we mean the eruption of a zit. We ask the universe why such fate has befallen us. We raise an angry fist to the powers that be, for said zit cannot come on a worse day.

Then, we try to eat healthier, skipping the fried foods and the chocolates for salads and green juices, but because effects are not immediate – if salads and green juices are effective at all in curbing the zits – we succumb to days, possibly weeks of packing concealer over concealer. When you’re not blessed with constant crystal clear skin, such a practice becomes a never-ending cycle.

Still, there are ways to treat them zits. There are multitudes, in fact, but the best way to start – and this is from personal experience – is to dig down to the root of the problem. Recently, after persistent bouts of not too drastic but still annoying zit parties on my chin, I turned to uncovering the problem via Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). My grandma would be so proud.

More than just strange herbs – and something that has been drilled into our minds growing as Chinese kids – TCM can tell plenty about what a pimple means, how to solve it and how to prevent it. If you’re not familiar with TCM, it’s all about Mother Nature and her magical healing powers. We’re talking diet, water intake and understanding what we can consume to counter the “heaty” or “cooling” effect – the very core of TCM – to achieve balance. It’s all about balance man, yin and yang.

A simple Google search on acne face maps will bring up a ton of different images that may contradict each other. We found that the one thing that stayed constant throughout most maps pointed chin zits to hormonal imbalance, for instance, during your period. The other thing that I’m experiencing now are pimples on my cheekbones that only appear just the day before, as if to warn me about the, um, long sessions I would soon have in the bathroom.

If you’re confused as to why some of these point to heart, lungs and bladder problems – fret not, your organs are probably fine. Rather, think of actions that would affect these organs instead. For example, stress and fitness would affect the heart. Congestion from mucus-inducing foods like dairy would affect the lungs. Dehydration along with coffee or alcohol would affect the bladder. Use your face and the different pimples to determine how you should be treating your body and its different parts.

TCM has had its fare share of skeptics aggressively trying to shoot it down. For us – and again, this comes from personal experience – we think it’s more than just mambo jumbo. So, here’s what we think: you’ve got nothing to lose. Keep this face map at the back of your hand, make some adjustments and if you come out of it feeling and looking better, good for you!

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