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What’s Inside My Vanity Fridge?

Amongst all the questions I get asked, beauty-related ones top the list. You ask, I deliver – with the rundown.

We’ve previously discussed beauty fridges to hear your take on them – yay or nay? The crowd remains largely split on the topic but I certainly know where I stand in this conversation. I am a proud owner of my very own trusty vanity fridge that sits in my bedroom. It was one of those things I never knew I needed until I chanced upon it on good ‘ol Instagram.

As you might already know by now, I have a full-blown love affair with sheet masks. It is an essential part of my everyday beauty routine, in-flight skincare regime, pre-shoot ritual, fashion week survival kit…you get the idea. I take masking very seriously and for a long time, my stacks of sheet masks occupied real estate inside my fridge, right alongside my groceries. What a sight for sore eyes. Naturally, when beauty fridges became a thing, it was a no brainer. I had to jump on the bandwagon.

Having all my go-to masks available on standby merely two feet away from my bedside was a prospect I simply could not resist. As beauty #shelfies are on its way to being a thing of the past, I’m letting you inside my fully stocked vanity fridge – filled to the brim with sheet masks. Were you expecting anything else?

AHC Natural Essential Mask

This calming mask from Korean beauty skincare expert AHC is the one I reach for after a long day at a shoot or on mornings when I wake up with inflamed skin. The pure cotton sheet mask soaked in a deeply hydrating formula pampers the skin with some extra tender, love and care.


AHC Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask

A nourishing treatment with anti-aging properties, I typically add this mask to my nighttime skincare routine. A thick formula that is bound to leave residue post-treatment, pat the extra leftover goodness into the skin and bring it down to the neck upon removal of the mask! There’s also a sticker at the back of the packaging which indicates the ideal temperature to use the mask at.

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask EX

A water-based mask, this green tea infused mask is a lightweight option I reach for when I’m on the go. Ideal for a midday perk me up, this does the job without weighing too heavily down on the skin.

Hada Labo Goku Jyun Hyaluronic Mask

From Snow Fungus, which is known to lock in moisture and boast anti-inflammatory properties, to famed ingredient Niacinamide which aides in skin brightening, this mask is locked and loaded with a whole lot of goodness for the skin. I use this on a weekly basis to keep my skin looking its best!

Hada Labo Goku Jyun Retinol Lifting and Firming Mask

My secret weapon in fighting the effects of gravity, this lifting and firming mask keeps my skin looking taut. Here’s my pro-tip: put your face roller to work right after the mask comes off to really get that lift!

La Mer Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask

Yes, it’s another hydrating mask on the list but I cannot stress the importance of hydrating your skin enough. Free of sulphates SLS and SLES, parabens and other nasty that are bad news for the skin, this hydrating mask’s ingredients lean towards clean beauty. It’s even gluten-free!

KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

The lips are perhaps the one part of the face that gets the least lovin’ in the skincare department. How many times do you actually bother with a lip scrub or anything other than the everyday balm? I’ll admit that lips were my beauty blindspot until these lip masks from KNC Beauty came along. Trust me when I say having smoother, well-primed lips make all the difference in getting your lipstick to glide on smoothly.

JayJun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

This Anti-Dust Therapy mask is not just your average mask. It’s the overachiever on the list. A three-step mask that also includes a cleanser and moisturiser, this could essentially replace your morning skin care routine. If you’re a low maintenance, fuss-free kind of girl – look no further.

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