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A Guide (And Shortcut) To Effective Home Masking

All the tips and tricks you need to know to make the most out of your next DIY masking session.

Ah, masking, a little thing that goes a long way, whether it’s a zit that you have a night to deal with before a big dinner or some instant TLC after getting off a long flight. You don’t even have to head to a spa to do it – just throw on a sheet mask or slather on a leave-in alternative, and wake up super fresh with newly hydrated skin. It’s so simple, and it saves time and the kechings.

As you guys already know, I am a huge masking fan and a big believer in what it can do for your skin, and while it’s taken me some degree of trial and error, I’ve figured out the masking products that work best with my skin and something of a routine to go along with it.  If you don’t know where to start or have grown a little weary in your search for masks that work – fear no more, we’re here to help with a condensed list of our favourite masking products and a little FAQ on how to use them effectively, absolutely fuss-free.


What are some of the best masks on the market?
Skin Inc’s Brightening Mask and Deep Sea Hydrating Mask, La Mer’s The Hydrating Facial, Kiehl’s Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, Fresh’s Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask and sheet masks from Aritaum. But, as I’ve said before, there are so many sheet masks out there that work and don’t break the bank. Just pick one!


How often and how much should you mask?
Every alternative day, but it also depends on your skin condition and the activities that you engage in. For example, if you’re under the sun a lot, it’s good to start with a hydrating one followed by a whitening one just before you sleep, so your skin can heal as you snooze. If I have the time, or if I know I’ll have a lot of makeup on for a shoot or an event, I like to slap on a sheet mask before putting on makeup to make sure my skin is hydrated. If you plan to do this, stay away from gel masks – it may leave your skin feeling sticky – or masks that have those little bits in them, for obvious reasons.


What should I put before and after masking?
After your daily skincare routine but before toner. If you’re a procrastinator when it comes to skincare, start with overnight masks. Slather on and just go to bed!


What’s a good masking routine to follow?
It really depends on your skin condition. Observe how your skin behaves and react accordingly. If you travel often, try putting a sheet mask on one day and a gel mask on another. Also, don’t use too much of the same mask at one go – switch around, alternate, shake things up. Finally, never put a mask on for more than 20 minutes – unless the instructions say so – to prevent dehydration and remember to deep cleanse weekly to slough away the dead skin, so that your skin is clean and ready to absorb all that good stuff in the mask. I usually like to mask at night, just before bed, so that my skin gets to absorb the nutrients undisturbed.


Lead Image: Cusi Montenapoleone/Vogue Italia

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