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Found: The Lightest Lipstick And Stain Hybrid Possibly Ever

Its spatula-shaped brush – yes, I did say spatula – is really something else. Add incredible colour and finish, it has the makings of a champ. Or does it, really?

I know we make bold statements about how something is the “best thing ever” and then switch allegiances a couple of weeks later. A foundation cushion. A facial mist. An exfoliant. Yaadah, yaadah, yaadah. These days in the dizzying world of lipsticks, one can that withstand the oiliest and slurpiest of foods is a dime in a dozen. It seems like the competition now is to see who can churn out the lightest lipstick ever. The leading contender? YSL Beauty’s new Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain. Oooh la la.

The brush applicator alone is something of a work of art. I’ve never seen anything like it. Flat, squarish, almost spatula in shape, it smooths over the lips so easily. Its flatness also means you get that precision along the lines of your lips. And, get this – even though the brush is smaller and flatter than most, you don’t have to double dip. What is already on the brush is enough for an even finish, a testament of how thin yet smooth and impactful the formula is. Furthermore, it leaves the lips soft and moisturised, almost like a very light lip oil. And, it still looks matte! As though airbrushed on the lips!

So far, comfort, application and colour pay-off are all in the bag. YSL Beauty has always had a knack for creating spot on colours, too, and Tatouge Couture’s range is commendable. I love the Nu Interdit and I never wear nudes. Adding on the lovely jello-like scent, that is another two points earned.

But, the Tatouge Couture is ultimately a stain – and this is unfortunately where it falls shorts. When I tested it, I blotted my lips first for extra measure, then proceeded to have an unforgivingly messy meal of bibimbap. To cut the story short, there was nothing left on my lips. The Tatouge Couture had been defeated by spicy Korean mixed rice with extra red pepper sauce.

But – and this may surprise you – I actually still really like it. The finish and texture are truly gorgeous. So natural, so light and so, so smooth. Sure, I’ll have to touch-up every time after I eat or drink, but since the application is so easy, I’ll just pop in and out of the bathroom in a jiffy. I also like how it looks pre-blot, where it is more lipstick than stain. And, that spatula applicator? Gold star. I will not shut up about it. The Tatouge Couture isn’t perfect, but there is so much of it to love that you forget about its shortcomings quickly. League of Extra Light Lipsticks, meet your new world champion.

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