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4 Cool-Girl Approved Sustainable Brands To Watch

Everyday glamour has just been given a sustainable upgrade by these brands. Ethical and guilt-free shopping? Sign us up.

When it comes to sustainable practices, it is so easy to shift the blame and to hold the fashion industry accountable towards improving themselves. However, most of the time we forget that as fashion consumers and shoppers, we too have the power to make ethically conscious buying decisions.

Sustainable shopping can be a confusing concept to latch onto – especially so if this might be your first step towards a greener initiative. When the phrase ‘sustainable fashion’ comes to mind, there are just too many negative connotations that come with it. Some might feel like sustainable pieces just aren’t as trendy, or that shopping sustainably would mean incurring a heavier price tag. Here to change our minds are four wholesomely ethical brands that have already built their rapport among the cool girls of Instagram. Yes, we said it. Sustainability is the new cool and it’s time we all jumped onto the bandwagon.


If you’re looking for the coolest clothes to own with nobody else stealing your style, then we suggest Cienne. Founded in 2014, the brand’s sustainability initiatives are built and centred around three core pillars – Empowering people, producing responsibly, and elevating and preserving craftsmanship. So while you’re admiring their cleverly manufactured knitwear, and the beautiful ruffled dresses, don’t forget that their garments are mainly made out of recycled fibres sourced from places like India, Peru, and Ethiopia. Thank you Cienne for making everyday glamour a sustainable option.


Another brand we love is Kowtow. Founded in 2007 by Gosia Piatek, Kowtow was going green before it was even cool. They have branded themselves as a conscious label with a strong design philosophy and innate sense of comfort. Another thing we love about Kowtow apart from their bold, printed designs? It’s their seed to garment story.

Sustainability may be a buzzword that people are sick of hearing but with Kowtow watching over the entire process of its pieces from the very beginning with the seeds, to the making of the thread, to the sewing of the clothing, you know it’s true. Sustainability is possible and it’s no longer just a marketing bait. You can expect bold colours, classic silhouettes, and impeccable tailoring from the brand, we promise. After all, they’ve been doing this for 11 years and counting.


Next on our list is KOTN. If you remember Brittany Murphy from Uptown Girls, you’ll know that Egyptian cotton is one of the most exclusive, luxurious, and comfiest cotton there is. Instead of confining it to just bedding and pillow cases, they have upgraded this fancy textile into basic wear like shirts, dresses, and even pants. You can now take daydreaming to a whole new level when you’re walking around enveloped in the softest cotton of them all. It’ll show you breathability like no other and in this heat, we all need a little Egyptian cotton in our lives.

As if that wasn’t enough to entice you, KOTN is completely sustainable and ethical. Their prices are also shockingly affordable, so it comes with no surprise that they’ve built a strong base of loyal fans since starting out in 2015. Another factor that drives customers towards them is their absolute transparency when it comes to manufacturing the garments. Unlike many of its competitors, KOTN can trace its clothing back not just to the cut-and-sew factory, but all the way through the supply chain that includes dye houses, fabric mills, and cotton farmers. So, the next time you’re thinking of investing into basics, this is the place to go.

Von Holzhausen

And lastly, we have Von Holzhausen. They are a Malibu–based collection of accessories with a focus on design, sustainability, and quality of life. To show for that they have fully vegan leather bags versatile enough to be your everyday go-to. Right down to the lining, which is made of Technik-Suede, the vegan leather that they use is both durable, and undeniably ethical. Better yet, 99 percent of the solvents used in processing their premium Technik-Leather were recaptured and recycled from previous particles.

If you’re like us and you need a bag to cram all your daily necessities in, consider a cruelty-free and sustainable option like the ones from Von Holzhausen. Supported by the cool-girls of the internet, we know we won’t be letting these bags slip away anytime soon. It’s time we all started shopping smart.



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