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5 Lessons In Unexpected Pairings to Learn From The Streets

The real runway is on the streets. These ladies show you how to make the most out of the parts of your wardrobe that aren't t-shirts and jeans.

You can almost always spot someone with style from across the street. Be it a sequinned blazer or a pair of hot pink trousers, gazes will naturally follow, followed by, “Wow, I’ll have what she’s having.” While being low-key isn’t a bad thing – trust us, we love a low-key day – taking the extra step to put on more than a T-shirt and jeans would instantly transform your look.

The lessons that follow would include five stylish women from this season’s fashion month. While it is of utmost importance to choose the correct top and bottom, accessories are highly responsible for making the “wow” factor go up by ten folds. Nothing speaks louder than a well-assembled outfit. Take notes, because we’re going to show you how to make full use of items you might already have in your wardrobe.

Lesson #1: Don’t reach for the same ol’ blouse or shirt. Instead, go monochromatic and match everything to the colour of your suit. This season, we’re seeing a whole bunch of suits in highly saturated hues and we’re loving it. From bright red to lime green, this tip will benefit you regardless of what colour you pick. Go crazy.


Lesson #2: If you’re still not quite sure what to do with last year’s bomber jacket and wished that it’ll go with everything you have, including the fancy dress you have on, well it can. Your answer likes within the accessories: chunky earrings, a clean-cut bag, a skinny black belt. Then, treat your jacket like a shrug that just casually fell off your shoulders.


Lesson #3: We’ve all seen the T-shirt under dress trend. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. In this case, pairing a sleeveless button up and a fitted dress is a grown up version of the laid-back look we’ve grown used to. Throw on a couple of accessories, slip into a pair of heeled boots, smack those lips and you’re ready to conquer the streets.


Lesson #4: People have debated for a long time, whether the rule of having a maximum of three colours on your outfit should be broken or not. Well we say, break it, because we’re really feeling this colourful ensemble.


Lesson #5: Print on print, but layered and mashed. The thing we’ve noticed is to keep the look slouchy and effortless. Basically, try not to care, but actually care. The muted print on a loud print works wonders as do analogous colours. Want to keep things extra quirky? Pair a printed sock with your shoes.


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