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5 Things That Will Help You Get Dressed In The Morning

A lazy-day wardrobe cheat sheet that'll leave you plenty of time for that cup of joe – and waffles!

It’s 7.30 AM. You’re up reasonably early and if you don’t stop to stare at nothing while caressing your pillow, you’ll have enough time to gussy up, get dressed and grab a bite. Unfortunately, you did stay in bed to stare at nothing. You’re also half-awake. Time is ticking, so you decide to get dressed first, because you can always eat breakfast on the way to the office. You turn on some music in hopes that it’ll give a jolt to your brain. But alas! You still can’t seem to find an outfit that works. You wave an angry fist in the air. TODAY, OF ALL DAYS!

It’s a situation that is all too familiar. You tell yourself to plan a look the night before, but like all the promises you made to yourself about making tomorrow’s breakfast, you forget. This is the reason why lazy day clothes were invented. That knit dress that looks like going-out pyjamas. The statement earring that is shiny enough to distract your co-worker from that stain on your t-shirt from yesterday’s lunch. The tailored button-down that no one will dare raise questions about even though you’ve worn it at least thrice in the last month. All exist to make mornings just a little less stressful, leaving more time for coffee, eggs and waffles. Look at you winning at breakfast!

The next time you’re stuck in the aforementioned sitch whether you’re headed to the office or not, take a deep breath and peruse our it’s a lazy day but I still have to look presentable cheat sheet. No sweats broken here, no siree.



A statement sleeve, an off shoulder, an oversized bow or even the classic white shirt – it’s the shirt or blouse that will make you look like you cared to get dressed, even if you didn’t.



You know the one – it’s either straight cut or slightly flared and always cropped, so it looks good with both a pump and a boot, a t-shirt or a button-down shirt. If that isn’t your cup of tea, consider reworked vintage Levi’s i.e. the quintessential street style jeans.




You put it on and that’s it. It’s the crisp shirt dress, the sweater dress, the ruffled dress that is really an 18th Century nightgown in disguise. If it’s a dress that you can wear to an after-work party with just a simple swapping of shoes, you’ve hit the jackpot, my friend.



It’s scientifically proven that the mule is the ultimate nonchalant cool girl shoe. We even did the research and everything. (No, not really.) These are zero-effort shoes. Just slip your feet in and slip out the door.




Can’t think beyond the white t-shirt and those black cigarette pants you’ve worn to death? Distract everyone in the office with a pair of statement bling. Look at how big and shiny my earrings are! I clearly bothered to get dressed today.


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