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15 Bags That Let You Wear Your Heart On Your Shoulder

From Gucci to Fendi, these are the ones that will feed the logomaniac in you and help you express your love for them to the whole wide world.

Ah, logomania. The trend that’s got everyone going into a frenzy over logo tees and monogram, emblazoned on any item from shoes to handphone covers. The overt use of name branding has rose in popularity, perhaps because of how clever some designers have chosen to incorporate them. Fendi, Gucci and Dior are a few amongst many others that have designed pieces centred around logos.

The obsession with logos has been around since the dawn of time and it’s here to stay. The people love their brands, so what better way to express that love than to wear your heart out on your sleeve – or more literally, on your shoulder? Now that logomania is stronger and more popular than ever, the options are plenty.

Although bags with logo-over-logo exists, going all out with zero conspicuity of who you’re wearing doesn’t always mean ostentatious and a statement piece. It’s clever, how some designers utilise the straps, clasps or even their brands hidden in another iteration of their logo, like the Gucci’s SEGA collaboration. Or, Fendi’s soon-to-be released Fila collaboration. Below, we’ve got 15 of the best bags that’ll feed your need for logos.

Gucci Linea X printed metallic leather shoulder bag

Balenciaga Everyday printed textured-leather camera bag

Prada Logo Liberty leather shoulder bag

JW Anderson Logo leather shoulder bag

Givenchy Pandora Box mini leather shoulder bag

Fendi Kan I leather-trimmed embroidered raffia shoulder bag

Miu Miu Grace leather shoulder bag

JW Anderson Pierce mini embroidered canvas and leather backpack

Balenciaga XXS printed textured-leather tote

Prada Shopper printed canvas tote

Prada Frame printed textured-leather shoulder bag

Loewe Fringed printed leather tote

Prada Logo-print clear PVC tote

Balenciaga BB round S bag

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche canvas tote bag

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