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7 Warm Weather Coats That Are Not Oxymorons

When the laws of geography say "no" to the real kind of chilly weather, you defy it by busting out these feather-light coats whenever you can.

When I was in my last two years of university, I had something of a uniform. For at least one or two times a week – I had three-day school week – I would turn up for classes in a sweater layered over the shirt. Sometimes, more often than not, I threw on a blazer or a jacket. All to make the university experience more varsity and 9 a.m. lectures a little less torturous, you understand.

The stupid thing is, I almost always wore said combination with shorts. Why? Because it was hot. Boiling hot. Unless I was in a lecture hall or seminar room, I was exposed to the city’s good old sweltering heat and relentless humidity.

But, did I persist? Hells yeah. In the name of vanity, my familiar and foe. In the name of pretending that the weather allows me to, even if it really, really doesn’t.

You see, we are a people who like to make our own seasons. So geography says “no” to the four seasons in the tropics, that’s cool – we’ll make our own spring, summer, autumn and winter. When the temperatures dip – I’m talking low twenties, which is hot for some countries – and the rain starts to pour, we bust out the jackets. If the winds pick up, we bust out the cardigans and light outerwear. It’s all a state of mind.

Of course, busting out wool coats and gabardine trench coats is a one way road to heatstroke. Instead, we’re talking about floor dusting robes, PVC rain coats, light as air throwovers in chiffon, satin or silk or unlined cotton coats that double as dresses – even cooler literally speaking, since you’re wearing next to nothing underneath. Warm weather and coats don’t have to be mutually exclusive if you have the right materials.

With the weather being sauna sunny with a chance of torrential rain of late, no better time to convince your mind that our weather isn’t perennially summer with seven warm weather coats we’ve rounded up below.

Ashish Ruffled Sequin Chiffon Wrap Dress

Attico Cut-Out Floral Jacquard Midi Dress

Attico Tie-detailed Crepe Midi Dress

A.W.A.K.E. PVC Trench Coat

Loewe Tie-Waist Stripe Cotton Coat

Magda Butrym Hammered Silk-Satin Trench Coat

Zara Contrasting Embroidered Kimono

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