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A No Holds Barred Review of Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear Line SKIMS

Less Keeping Up With the Kardashians. More keeping the pooch in.

I went from oh no Kimono to SKIMS me some of that real quick when Kim Kardashian released the first collection under her shapewear line in September last year. After four months of trying and retrying to get my hands on a pair, I ended up with not one, not two but three pairs (one black and two nudes) of core control briefs from the brand’s Core Control collection. As the website reads, the collection is “for when you need an extra pinch and tuck to your waist, the Core Control collection features double ply, reinforced waistbands and engineered stitching to smooth and hold.”

I didn’t need very much more convincing than the very impressive Kardashian marketing ploy but the description on the website screamed my name nonetheless. Double ply?! Reinforced waistbands?! Smooth AND hold?! Take my money. TAKE ALL OF IT. My problem area being my pooch – the stomach below the stomach that sticks out – the Core Control range was an obvious choice. I parted with USD$36 each for 3 pairs – you get free shipping within the United States for ordered over USD$75 but international shipping came at a whooping USD$50. A self-proclaimed expert at shopping at this point, I wasn’t about to spend that much money on shipping, so vPOST it was. Airmail shipping came up to SGD$18.86 to be exact – a fraction of the international shipping cost.

The loot arrived packaged in a rather ordinary cardboard box. It was nothing to scream about but I still took a photo, anyway, which made it onto my Instagram stories – not main feed material. When I first held it up, the briefs were soft to the touch but also very very tiny. How the hell was I going to fit into it was the question on my mind. But I did. And with lesser effort than I thought would be required.

Boy, was I impressed. The brief had great, well, core control. The double ply, reinforced waistbands held everything right where it was supposed to be. The fabric: thick where it’s needed at the tummy area but soft and breathable at the crotch. My hee-hee did not feel the least bit suffocated like it did in my past experiences with shapewear. At this point, I was pretty much sold but I had to take it on a test-drive for a full day before drawing my final thoughts.

Kim K did not fail me. Throughout the day, I experienced minimal discomfort despite feeling the tightness of the brief around my problem area. Even putting the brief back on after using the toilet was a breeze. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rank the comfort level at a solid 8. Now that I have sang it praises, let’s move on to my gripes with the Core Control brief.

Being on the petite end, the fit of the brief was not the best for me. The crotch part of the brief dangled below and if I pulled the brief up, parts of my tummy would be exposed. And vice-versa. I also share a common complain amongst others who had purchased from the same SKIMS range – the band at the top of the brief repeatedly rolled down. Not that it mattered too much in function but the fact that the brief wasn’t quite sitting the way it should have been is definitely bothersome. Lastly, a point to note, the briefs I purchased are not seamless. The hems are finished with a thread overlocking – I don’t mind this very much but it just isn’t as seamless as Kim K claims it to be.

On the whole, would I repurchase? It’s a definite yes from me. I already have my sights set on the Seamless Sculpt range and am ready to adopt the Kardashian last name.

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