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The Fashion Edit of Local, Independent Businesses #KULALA Supports

If you're thinking of spending your moolah, these are the local brands you need to have on your radar.

Being in the thick of a global pandemic makes you re-evaluate life. Your priorities shift rather drastically and in its wake, an unspoken sense of moral obligation settles in. A pang of guilt weighs on the frivolity of consumer behaviour.

The idea of adding to cart clothes, bags or anything of that frivolous nature incites serious dilemma. To quote Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times, “shopping during a pandemic seems just the other side of wrong.” Emotions aside, objectively speaking, we don’t quite have to entirely cast away shopping as evil.

Save for supermarkets and drugstores, businesses – be it small and big, luxury or mass producers – across the globe have taken a big hit. Shopping in this instance is but a necessary evil to keep these brands afloat. Change, however, should be reflected in the mindset with which we approach shopping – where we’re spending our money and the values of these brands demand our attention.

Last week, Yoyo opened up the floor to you guys on Instagram to tell us the local, independent brands you’d hate to see shut its doors permanently during these uncertain times. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be highlighting a diverse range of local brands across the genres of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. If shopping is not entirely out of the question for you, consider one of these homegrown labels to spend your moolah at. This week, we’ll be kicking #KULALASupports off with three fashion-related names.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any brands you absolutely love that might not have made it on this list. Talk to us in the comments section below!


Fashion has entered the age of sustainability. Being a conscious shopper can take on many forms. There’s only shopping brands that are ethically produced, making a commitment to repurposed clothing or dedicating time to scour for vintage finds – all of which take serious commitment. For starters, working towards a sustainable wardrobe could also mean investing in pieces that will live with you for an extended period of time. Rye is a womenswear label that paves the way towards just that. A collection of pared down contemporary garb, the four-year-old label offers a line of staple wear that could be the building blocks of an everyday uniform. At Rye, pragmatism extends beyond just the clean-cut silhouettes of the garments to its pocket-friendly price tags.

Tocco Toscano

When you think of quality leather goods, nothing quite compares to Italian craftsmanship. Most of the biggest names in the business of luxury fashion find their homes in that part of the world. You don’t, however, have to look that far for such prowess in leather-making. Established in Singapore in the ’80s and later rebranded, Tocco Toscano embodies the spirit of Tuscany by bringing a touch of art and beauty to everyday life through its repertoire of leather bags. Counting more than three decades of manufacturing experience, Tocco Toscano has brought the qualities of impeccable Italian craftsmanship to the little red dot. The second generation family business has grown into a successful household name, the design and functionality of its bags adapted along the way to meet the demands of the contemporary lifestyle.

Faire Leather Co.

Co-owned by Tocco Toscano, Faire Leather Co. is dedicated to crafting leather bags for men. Like Tocco Toscano, Faire Leather Co. too takes after the hallmarks of impeccable Italian craftsmanship to offer smart solutions to men on the move. At Faire Leather Co., functionality is taken to the next level as the stereotypical carryall is reconstructed with additional compartments. A dedicated sleeve for the laptop, a strap for earphones, another pocket for a wallet. Equal parts design and function, Faire Leather Co. makes for a worthy investment. Also customisable, the lineup of leather goods make for great practical gifts for the men in your life.

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